Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weaving -- Day Four!!

On to day four! I started with the weave bases @ 9" apart and angled at 2/8, then closed them from there. By the end of the third session the poles are NEARLY straight, but still 9" apart. For day five, I expect I will move the bases together -- And hopefully by day 6 she'll be weaving six poles!

I was surprised to get this good of a performance from Secret. It sounded like the neighbors on both sides were having pool parties (lots of screaming kids) and someone kept lighting off random fire crackers. This normally results in a total shut-down from Secret, but she kept working.

She was a bit slower on this day -- Likely because I left the dogs all day to work at the Humane Society. They aren't used to staying home alone very much, so I don't think they slept. In between training sessions, Secret slept next to me on the couch! I had to keep waking her up to go back outside.

The dogs seemed to do okay today -- They actually got to spend the morning at work with my parents and my dad brought them home at lunch time and gave them all their kongs that I had in the freezer. He forgot to turn the t.v. on for them (gasp!! lol), but they were all great when I got home at 5:45. I think they will transition well to this change.

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