Tuesday, October 26, 2010


You might recall that someone was darn near terrified of sheep back in August. It took what, three people to get her to interact with them?

But cows? Oh my, cows are AWESOME! Cows are not scary at all!

Today on our walk from hell (winds gusting at 60+ mph and freezing cold rain that joined us halfway through), Secret went venturing on a poop patrol. She made the original joyous discovery a couple of weeks ago, so now whenever we go walking in that direction, we must always go investigate to see if there is any new poop to be found. This involves the very naughty task of going through a barbed wire fence where she can't be followed...

The cows have been out in the fields adjacent to the trail almost daily for some time now. Luke is usually my "cow dog" and takes great joy in barking at them and chasing them away from the fence (if they happen to be there). Secret has almost always stayed up on the trail by me and has shown relatively little interest in the cows.

But not today. She was going about her merry business of ignoring my yelling and eating her prized poop when she suddenly noticed that the cows were coming to investigate her (FYI, these cows are NOT scared of dogs at all). Suddenly her whole demeanor changed and she ran to meet them head on.

Apparently she decided that the cows needed to be rounded up, so she stood down the rogue cows and faced them off until they turned around to go join the rest of the herd. When she accomplished her mission she noticed that she had forgotten one lone cow several yards back, so she went and got that one and took it to the rest. When she felt her mission was completed she took a lap to survey what she had done and then came sprinting back (through the mud....), squirted back through the fence and up the bank to me. She was quite proud of herself.

I struggled to find it in myself to be mad at her...

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  1. That's great! :) I think you should try the sheep again.