Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fun Frisbee Video!

Poor Kaiser got "tutored" on Monday (see sad evidence below), so I have been avoiding agility this week to spare the little guy. I don't think it's fair that the other dogs would get to play and not him, so we are occupying ourselves with other fun things. Kaiser doesn't care about frisbee or fetch, so he's not missing out on anything.

Kaiser with his thrice daily icing ritual...

We did set up a Chances course to play with on Friday -- I figured maybe it was time that Secret actually started to learn those skills now that she'll be in Open for the next trial. It was a nice little course that included a turn away into weave poles at a distance and a discrimination between a tunnel and a line of jumps (with the jumps being correct). She nailed the first part, but the discrimination proved to be difficult for her -- but we got it! Sadly, no video, so you just have to take my word on it. ;o)

It's been a while since I've made a "fun" video of the dogs, so I decided to put together a frisbee montage from our play session last night. I don't think I've updated anyone on Secret's disc "skills" for quite some time -- She's made a ton of progress from the beginning, especially when you consider she originally had zero interest in discs whatsoever. Now the only thing holding her back is me!

Well, and her complete inability to play with more than one disc. That's probably going to be the major thing that keeps us from ever really trying to get into disc dog events. If I try to hold several discs at once, she'll just stare at me while I throw them until I'm down to one -- and then she chases that one. She figures, "Why waste my energy going to get that one when you have another right there?" We've overcome a lot of obstacles in her training, so I suppose we could just keep working on this one and see what happens. Meanwhile, though, we just have a lot of fun! :o)

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