Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Missy

I realize this is supposed to be Secret's blog, but poor Secret hasn't gotten to do a gosh darn thing since the puppy arrived -- so this is just another post about Missy!

I had to get some "formal" pictures done for the Border Collie Rescue of MN web site, so I figured I'd share some here. She's quite the photogenic little thing, really. That would be a bonus of choosing the red dog, I suppose. Much easier to get a good picture than with a solid black face. :o)

House training is going as well as you'd expect for an 11 week old puppy --- BTW, did I call her 12 weeks before? Because I actually looked at a calendar today and realized (according to her given DOB, at least) that she just turned 11 weeks old today. She's so wee!! I haven't actually HAD a puppy this young in my adult life before. Go figure.

Anyhow, if I'm not a lazy sod, house training is going very well. Each time there has been an accident it has FULLY been my fault. Yesterday I tried to pull a "hold on just a minute" on her and, well, she couldn't. So we had a wee poo in the house that was totally my fault. Today she woke up from a super long nap in my office and I *knew* she had to go out, but I tried to get everyone dressed and ready to go on a walk before taking her out and of course, we had an accident. Lesson learned -- take the darn puppy out when she needs to go out. I'm sure part of the reason Joe was so easy was because he was quite a bit older. They are pretty easy around 4 months, IMO.

Kaiser still loves the puppy. It still weirds me out a little why he's being so nice to her, but let's hope it keeps up! Pretty sure she will outweigh him in a matter of days with the way she eats. lol

Secret is still mostly ignoring Missy, which is weird because normally she's all over puppies. Secret is also getting mopey and needy, so it's obvious I have to find the time to do SOMETHING with her very soon (tonight is a shelter night, yay....). The yard keeps fluctuating between frozen and sloppy, so it is not good frisbee surface. That leaves basement work, which I suppose just means I need to put the puppy in a crate so that Secret can have some special time.

Melissa asked me to get side shots of Missy for the web site. Do you have ANY idea how hard that is to do when you live by yourself? I figured the easiest thing to do would be to grab my grooming table and try to prop her up on that -- because puppies don't want to fall off, right? Um, puppies don't know about falling.... But it still worked relatively well.

And darn if she isn't the worst built dog on the planet. Looking at her (semi) stacked on the table I actually might believe she's a border collie. ;o) Seriously, I cannot tell you how many people have remarked, "Is she part pit bull? Part bulldog?" *sigh* She does have a blocky face that is only exacerbated by the white, but so do most of the other border collie puppies you see in photos. The nose grows, and so will hers. It will be interesting to see her in several months, I'm sure. Heck, even Joe has changed a lot since finding his new home! (I so love that his new owner keeps in touch on Facebook -- Joe is so handsome!)

We stopped into the vet clinic last night to pick up a bottle of Percorten for Luke (it's on back order -- a life-maintaining drug is on back order -- that is awesome), so I took Missy in to say hi to everyone. I carried her because she's not fully vaccinated yet, but she got lots of attention and enjoyed meeting everyone. Why does everyone think I will keep my fosters? If I didn't keep Joe, I think I'm safe. ;o) I'm learning that some people think it's weird when I say she doesn't fit my color scheme, though. Ha! Come on, I can't be the only one....

Missy was so tired when we got home last night. I tried to get good footage for an adoption video, but didn't come up with much. I didn't even try to do any training exercises because she was so sleepy, so we more or less crashed on the couch last night (sorry Secret...). By the way, I hope whoever ends up adopting Missy doesn't mind snoring. Good heavens, I have never heard anything like it from a dog (who isn't squishy-nosed, at least). The more tired she is, the louder she snores!! One of my requirements of any man in my life (of which there haven't been many, lol) is that I absolutely will NOT put up with snoring. Thankfully the canine variety is more on the cute side vs. highly annoying.

I've been carrying the camera with me all morning and finally managed to get enough clips to mosh together into a video. I used Jet's, "Are you going to be my girl" as the backdrop song -- I thought it was fitting, but I always worry about music choice turning people off. Not everyone likes the "rock" sound, but it worked so well that I went with it. I couldn't top the Lion King music I used for Joe's video, anyhow. lol


  1. People always ask me that too. Seriously how many dogs do they think I need?

  2. No kidding. Plus then I couldn't foster more puppies! When I am in a position to add another dog I will request to foster dogs that fit my criteria - and maybe end up keeping one if things work out. But for now I'm quite safe! :o)