Monday, April 2, 2012

The things I do...

First things first -- did you notice that I finally made a banner for the blog? Yay! It only took like 2 1/2 years. ;o) Obviously I know that if you are reading this you can see the banner photo at the top of the page, but I went and included it on this post so that the photo would get printed in the blog book when the next year rolls around. I wish I was more talented at using Photoshop, but this will have to do. Considering how it's slopped together, it almost turned out artistic looking. Ha!! Like I did it on purpose, even!

Regarding the title of the post today -- I just found out about a fun run being held in Lakeville, MN this Friday prior to a CPE trial this weekend. I sent off an e-mail to confirm that they'll have a full Standard course set, but it sounds to me like this might be the perfect chance to test Secret's teeter performance away from home. Yes, it's super sad that I have to drive 2 1/2 hours just to have the chance to put my dog on equipment, but that's what happens when the local training center is difficult to work with and never uses a variety of equipment in their run-throughs.

The fun run is offering two minute sessions for $5 each. I figure I can get a lot done with Secret & Kaiser with two sessions each. Secret will probably spend the entire first session just playing the "Slam It" game --- assuming I can get her turned on to toys in the new environment, at least. I'll bring the full arsenal of "special" toys with me and hopefully we'll be successful!

I'm about ready to stop going on our daily walks. On Friday I pulled two ticks off the top of Secret's head and one off her belly. Then Saturday morning I pulled one off her neck and one off her ear. I am so stinking sick of ticks already, and it's only April 2. Saturday night and Sunday were blissfully free of ticks since we didn't go walking at all.

It will be a miracle if the dogs don't become symptomatic of Lyme or some other tick-borne disease this year. Secret is getting her Lyme booster (and Lepto) on Thursday. I know it doesn't actually prevent Lyme Disease, but at least it might help keep her from getting hit hard with it.

Stupid ticks........

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