Saturday, September 22, 2012

I can haz ALL the toys

 I did something nice for the dogs today. PetSmart donated a crap load of toys to the shelter (seriously, like eight boxes full of them), so I bought a bundle for the dogs. At $1 each, I figured it didn't matter much if Secret destroyed them in five minutes like she usually does.

Her mind was a little blown and she just went into hoard mode. Kaiser did zoom off with a yellow duck and took it outside to avoid the wrath of Secret, but before I started this post she went out to get it and added it to her pile. And just to spite Kaiser, I'm sure, she decapitated his yellow duck first.

I figured I owed Secret some fun, since life is so crappy and dull for her lately. I mean, it can't be THAT bad -- We now play ball in the morning and frisbee at night, so that's more "fetching fun" than she used to experience. But I'm still gone 7 days a week for like 10 hours or more at a time, so that kind of sucks for the dogs. Okay, it sucks for me, too.

And now we don't even have a trial until the middle of October, so BOO on that. We haven't done any sort of agility work since our NADAC trial last weekend, though, so I shouldn't whine too much... OH, speaking of -- Super exciting, the results were uploaded to the NADAC web site already and Secret had a run index of 90.16 for her Jumpers run on Sunday!  Wheee!!!  It's her highest DRI ever!

Secret is making her own fun these days, another reason I figured it wouldn't hurt to throw a passel of toys at her. She continues to sporadically play tug with the landscape fabric under the rock. I've reached the point where I've given up and just cut it off and reorganize the rock when this happens. I tried once to "fix" it and decided this is an impossible task. In addition to the tugging fun, Secret is digging holes as fast as I can fill them these days. I'm almost looking forward to the ground freezing so that fun game stops at least.

This would be why we tell people with busy lifestyles that a border collie probably isn't their best choice for a house pet.....

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  1. She's so cute with all her toys! And yes, a bored BC can be very obnoxious. As can a hungry pomeranian...