Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jolly Bone = Jolly Good!

Secret would like everyone to know that she does not have enough toys. Granted, this could be because she destroys everything she gets her paws on. I don't tend to save stuff after she ruins it, so I had to scramble to find the toys in this picture. Her Woolie Dog tug toy is starting to get tattered and frayed at the ends, but it's holding up okay for now (so long as I don't turn my back on her to set jump bars...). That Water Wubba has only been to the river a couple of times, so it's practically brand new in Secret terms. The frisbee is the latest destruction, and then of course there is the Udder Tug that she chewed the end off of. And these are toys that she doesn't even have free access to -- just for training or play time!
I don't recall if I mentioned here that Secret was chosen to be part of a focus group for Jolly Pet. They posted on their Facebook page several weeks ago asking for dogs with a history of using & abusing their toys. I submitted Secret's story and she was chosen out of what I assume to be hundreds of entries to be part of their 50-dog focus group. They didn't hint as to what the toy might be, so we just had to wait for it to arrive and be surprised.

And I was surprised. I know that Jolly Pet has a very large line of dog toys these days (as evidenced by their weekly giveaways on Facebook), but I'll always think of them as the company that makes Jolly Balls.

At first glance I thought it seemed remarkably like the Hurley from Westpaw Designs. I still have no idea where our Hurley wandered off to, but it was impressively durable and never had so much as a tooth mark on it. Perhaps their patent wore out, because this material seems to be very similar, if not the same. The Jolly Bone has a slight curve to it, though, which seems to make it a little more "dog-friendly" for holding while chewing.

It was a hit in this house, I can tell you that. Secret took to it right away. Kaiser steals it whenever he gets the chance. Luke has picked it as his item of choice to bring to me in the mornings when he wants to play (granted, he doesn't have much choice in this house). It has been chewed on a LOT and has held up like iron. Very impressive! It also has a bit of stretch to it, which makes it a super fun tuggy for them (not quite so much for my hands, which don't appreciate being THAT close to their mouth).

Because it claims to be a water toy, I did take it down to the river shortly after it arrived. Granted it was 72 degrees, but it was still late October and the water was cold -- This might have something to do with why Secret had NO interest in fetching the Jolly Bone from the water, but she did go after her Wubba & Chuck-it Bumper with no hesitation. The Jolly Bone does float, but it bobs around a bit before settling on top of the water and perhaps that didn't appeal to Secret. The folks at Jolly Pet mused if maybe a brighter color would spark more interest in the water -- I don't think it would for Secret, but I did tell them I wouldn't mind seeing this product in hot pink!  :o)

I have no idea if this product is currently on the market or not, but if you happen to see one or have the chance to purchase one, I don't think you could go wrong. It gets chewed/played with daily in my house and is holding up great.

Jolly Pet asked for pictures or video -- And well, you know me! I made a video!

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