Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Well that wasn't so smart...

I did something stupid on Saturday. I went to a baby shower. Yes, I know, that's bad enough by itself. But in a moment of caving to peer pressure (i.e., the party was mostly being populated by young 20-something girls) I actually put in some effort to look fairly "girly" -- which included a pair of decent looking shoes. That would mean "not tennis shoes or flip-flops."

The above photo is the result of that decision. Mind you, I have worn these shoes MANY times without issue. I barely even walked that whole time! I made the fatal error of going to Walmart on my way home (yes, I know, bad enough on its own...) and apparently the extra walking I did there did me in.

This has put a cramp on not only the dogs' activity schedule lately, but I was just starting to get into a rhythm with that whole running business (yes, I know, I went a whole three times). Since this happened on Saturday, I have been unable to wear shoes. And since I'm not much into that whole barefoot running craze, that means we've kind of been stuck at home the last four days.

On Sunday I attempted to wear shoes long enough to run the dogs in the yard. I just set up a big speed arc consisting of three hoops, a tunnel, and three more hoops. I figured I could work the dogs without having to do too much moving myself at least. It was hot, but I succeeded in wearing them all out at least. Unfortunately I bled through both of my socks during this time and then proceeded to leave my shoes on long enough for my socks to dry to my feet. It was like pulling off band-aids. So not fun, I tell you.

I had plans on Monday but did squeak in some quick Chuck-it play before I had to leave, so I guess the dogs got to do something that night.

Last night I had to mow the back yard. That was kind of excruciating. I oozed through another pair of socks in that 90 minutes, but was at least smart enough to take them off right away this time! The sad part is that I apparently was walking funny the whole time trying to not hurt my feet and today my calves are killing me. KILLING ME.

Four days out, I still was not able to stomach wearing shoes today (I've been living in pair of butt-ugly sandals that don't touch the ouchy spots). I decided, though, to give the rollerblades a shot. It worked! My feet move so little while wearing them that I was able to put in 5.64 miles in 45 minutes with the dogs. I took them out individually on a loop that was just under 1.5 miles. Once I got back with Kaiser (last one), I took Secret out for one more spin because she's such a lunatic.

It didn't take long for Secret to go from being skittish about the rollerblades to being a total crackhead. She knows what they're about now and stood barking at the door the entire time I was putting them on. When I brought Luke back and grabbed Kaiser, Secret was certain it was her turn again -- which is why I figured it wouldn't hurt to take her out again. That second time was definitely much slower than the first, but she still enjoyed it.

The boys surprised me! Luke RAN for nearly the entire length of his turn, despite my pleas to slow down. lol I thought for sure Kaiser would fade fast due to the heat & humidity, but the little Northern dog probably had one of the faster mile times of the bunch today.

As for me, I think running is a better workout in general, but the blades sure work in a pinch when you've wrecked your feet.  :o)

Right now I'm just hoping that I'll actually be able to wear shoes come Saturday -- or else I'll be running barefoot at the AKC trial!

Our trial confirmation stated that there would be measuring reps present at this trial, cross everything you've got that Kaiser gets his 14" measurement that he needs to jump 8".


  1. Trim Kaiser's nails and tire him out before he's's a trick a friend used for her almost/barely 18" inch dog so she came just under :)

    1. Good idea -- further motivation to get those dang nails trimmed before the weekend. I've been a slacker lately. As for tiring him out, have you ever tried to wear out a Klee Kai? It would take a lot to achieve that by 8 a.m. and the poor little stinker would still have to run. ;o) Granted, their first run will be around 9/9:30 and then they will sit in their crates all day until about 4:00.... Yay AKC....

  2. I just cringe looking at that picture! I remember playing basketball with some ill-fitting tennis shoes and ending up with multiple blisters that hurt for many days, but that looks way worse.

    I used to love rollerblading back when I lived in Texas and there were these really cool paved trails perfect for it. There isn't anything like that where I live now, at least without a long drive, and the street I live on has worthless bumpy blacktop, so it's been forever since I got to rollerblade. It's fun and a great workout!

    1. The last town where I lived just did chip-gravel on all of the streets. That makes for a pretty miserable bumpity-bump trip on skates. There are a couple of chip-gravel streets near me now, but they are easy to avoid.

      I got back into skating when I moved into my house, but it didn't last long because we kept having so many issues with loose dogs! Thankfully that issues seems to have improved immensely over the years. It got so bad that I wrote a letter to the editor about it and it got put in the local paper. I hate people that can't contain their dogs.

  3. Check out Friction Block by Bandaid. You put it on your feet before you wear pretty shoes and no blisters or pain!

    1. Ooh, that sounds interesting! I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Ouch. We used to rollerblade in college. Oreo loved it. Haven't had them on in over 8 years now but can't get rid of them either.