Sunday, January 5, 2014


I finally caught one of Kaiser & Kizzy's wrestling sessions on video the other morning. They do that literally every single morning I'm in the bathroom getting ready for work. And quite a bit all weekend long because we are all going stir-crazy.

This is not a good sign considering that today was "day one" of a stretch of weather where we are not expected to get above zero until Wednesday. Yesterday it got all the way up to like 28 (with a wind chill of about 15) so I made sure to get everyone out for a run while I had the chance. Running on the treadmill (by myself) has really given me a new appreciation for running outdoors (with the dogs). We all enjoyed ourselves and had a pretty quiet evening.

I'd hoped it would tide everyone over for at least a day, but no luck there. They have all been bonkers today and there has been much wrestling in the house. I took Kizzy downstairs to wear her out a bit and it helped for about an hour.

Ever since our little catching issue at the fun match I've made it my mission to get Kizzy to think of her harness as the BEST THING EVER and the road to all things wonderful. I take her into the basement when she is at her absolute highest and craziest and work on repeatedly asking for something, going crazy, putting on her harness (which took a little while at first) and then playing. I vary it up as much as I can and I think I've made a lot of progress. I also have been working on just having her settle and come to me for pets when she's high as a kite.

We have a few more weeks to keep working before Kizzy's next trial experience. And, umm... Here's where I admit what I did. lol  I decided to enter Secret & Kaiser in the AKC trial over in Oshkosh on Friday the 24th (there is a NADAC trial in La Crosse that weekend, so I knew I wanted Saturday & Sunday for that). Like most Friday AKC trials, they are only offering the Exc/Masters classes -- Except for FAST. They are offering all levels of FAST. And... errr.... I may have entered Kizzy. Aw hell, it's just going to be a free-for-all and a chance to get out and run in a ring. I realize that she has absolutely NO distance skills whatsoever. I spent a little time looking up Novice FAST courses online and most of them are quite basic, but some of them still required skills that I haven't broached on yet -- like, you know, rear crossing into a tunnel. lol

So Kizzy will have a busy time of it that weekend, as I'm planning on sticking her in a few runs both days at the NADAC trial as well. Luke will get to play with a friend of ours, as my trip over to Oshkosh limits my funds a bit and that's a win/win plan for all involved. He will love having so much attention! Maybe I'll stick Secret in another run if she's getting dragged along... She seemed to enjoy her one Regular run at the last NADAC trial. I want to be greedy and enter her in Chances, but I won't. I have no dreams of multiple NATCHs for her. But Kaiser.... It sure would be nice to pick up a Chances Q or two for the first time in lord knows how long.

Next Saturday we get to play AKC in Cannon Falls! Blessedly the cold spell is supposed to break and the forecast currently calls for 30 degrees on Saturday. That will feel like a day at the beach after this week! I have thought about leaving Kizzy at home for this one, but there is another VMO present at this trial and it would be nice to get her height card out of the way.

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