Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Audition photos posted!

I've been stalking the photo albums of the photographer we visited a couple of weeks ago for the Target audition. I believe the actual photo shoot is taking place next week, so I knew the choices would have to be provided to the producer here any day. Finally this morning they were there! The album containing all of the pictures appears to be locked, but the ones submitted for this shoot are available.

Both Kaiser and Kizzy made the cut, so now we'll just see what Target decides. Barbara felt that they would likely use both, so we'll see. Sure would be nice to get a double paycheck for the drive, right?  :o)

I'm glad they know Kaiser, because his picture wasn't quite as eye-catching as Kizzy's. They know he's a star, though, and that's what counts. And of the two, we know who listens better, so.... lol  We'll wait to see if we hear anything from Barbara now! I should probably put clothes on Kizzy one of these days to make sure she's okay with it. I don't anticipate any issues, but a head piece could be a different story.

Not much else to report on our end. I tried to get in for a ring rental this past weekend and was told it wasn't available.  :o(  So we just sat at home and didn't do much of anything. It's a mess outside thanks to a massive ice storm that we got last week, so in addition to STILL not being able to go for walks, it's no longer even safe to play frisbee in the yard anymore. Sadness. Jolly Balls prompt a bit less body-breaking insanity from the big dogs, so we were able to kick those around a bit. Kizzy continues to carry her rubber stick while chasing Luke, which provides a really good outlet for her. Once the big dogs are done running I throw the stick a bit for Kizzy -- and she fetches pretty reliably, who knew!

I am so ready for winter to go away. The long-range forecast was looking favorable a couple of days ago, at which point it was telling me that within 10 days we would be above freezing and stay there. Well, that took a dump... And now we're pretty much stuck in the 20s for eternity (with a brief visit to hell this Thursday with another day giving us a high of 0 and a low of -34). At this point I just want the ice to melt, that's all I care about!

We have three days of NADAC this weekend. Because we aren't doing anything else in March I put Secret in a round of Regular & Jumpers each day (no Jumpers on Friday, so just Reg). Would she care if she didn't do agility for a month? Probably not. Kaiser is doing his usual core classes -- and he has three shots at the two Chances Q's he needs for NATCH 2, so we'll see what happens (My expectations are not incredibly high considering we just broke a 7-month dry streak at the last trial). Luke is just running in Chances and Jumpers (and 1 Reg on Friday) in an attempt to get what he needs for his next NATCH. And Kizzy.... The spaz is entered in Regular & Jumpers, so we'll see what happens!

I have our next AKC entries (for April) on my desk ready to go out. I'm conflicted about entering Kizzy, especially after what happened at UKI. Granted, it's over in Oshkosh and I know she did decently well there. I figure I'll send her entries (Nov FAST on Friday, JWW & Std on Saturday) and can always pull her before closing if this trial is a giant mess. I would like to hope that we'd be able to train some at home before that point, but with the way this winter is going I wouldn't hold my breath on that one.

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