Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happy Hurdle Practice

I finally managed to make it home in time to work the dogs before it got dark. I've been in all-day meetings at work again this week and yesterday I didn't even get home until 6:30. I'd planned on training yesterday, but so much for that idea. Today I got home at 5:00, so I figured tonight's the night!

All I knew I really needed/wanted to do was work Kizzy's contacts and weaves, but I figured if I was going to set stuff up I may as well do something that worked me as well as the dogs. Hence the Happy Hurdle set-up. This is the most recent course posted. It really appealed to me when it was first posted -- it wasn't as "crazy" as some of them have been. I knew the dogs should do well on it.

Kizzy did super on her weaves, but was king of pooing out on me about halfway through the course -- hence the food you see on the "most successful" attempt. Her contacts, table, etc. were all rock solid tonight, so I guess we'll see how that sticks this weekend!

Secret and Kaiser both had a hell of a time just getting through obstacle four on this course. Secret kept taking the wrong tunnel entry and Kaiser kept pushing out over that jump -- which is why you see the handling choice I did for his portion of the video.  :o)

My knee has been farked up for a while. I ended up bracing it before Kaiser's turn because it started to buckle on me again. Sigh. I hope it can make it through the 16 runs this weekend.

I was supposed to be off work on Friday because of the trial, but the report-out from this giant meeting is scheduled for 11:00 that day. I don't really feel like I can miss that, so this should be interesting. The dogs might end up coming and sitting in the van while I'm at the presentation. It's scheduled to go until 12:30 and if it runs late AT ALL then I would never make it home and back to the trial in time. We'll see, I'll figure out something.

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