Sunday, January 11, 2015

Secret's MACH! -- Part 2

I said this was going to be a multi-post occasion.  :o)  Today we posed with the judge for our official MACH photo, but while we wait for that I had our own little photo shoot when we got home today.

Secret was not in a happy mood during the photo-taking at the trial, so hopefully they got one with her ears up. Sitting between the judge and I with a bar being held over her head was not her idea of fun. Oh well. We tried.

Secret wasn't feeling her best today, either. She puked in the hotel room this morning (after I dragged her to the bathroom, thankfully) and a couple of large chunks of hoof came out. She doesn't usually get pieces off those things, but I guess she did this time. Better out than in. She was pretty subdued today, but still managed to pull off 11 points in JWW this morning. She had absolutely zero energy in Std, though, and only got 16 points. Yeah, she trotted from the chute to the weaves...

 The courses today were a bit on the boring side. Both of them were pretty much just up/down/up/down. Blah. I actually quite liked our courses yesterday, but these were my least favorite flavor of course design.

That said, the Klee Kai still couldn't get a Q to save their lives. Kaiser knocked #14 in JWW but otherwise had a very, very nice run. Kizzy had a bit of a spaz-fest at the start when the dog in front of her took forever to get the heck out of the ring. She ran off in that direction and took a couple of obstacles on the way back before refusing the tunnel again and taking another jump. Once she got started she was super, though! Missed the weaves. Again. That was 3/3 for the weekend on those.

Standard for Kaiser was a bit off the rails, at least at the beginning. He nearly went for the dog walk instead of the tunnel to start, then he went sailing off through the tire instead of taking the a-frame when I was way the heck over by the dog walk (i.e., not pushing on his line). He loves the a-frame, so that took me by surprise. Once I got him situated again he did finish the course nicely, though, including a teeter performance where he didn't jump off the side. Those are always nice.

Kizzy's Standard run was picture-perfect, if you don't count her acting like superman coming off the dog walk. And wonder of wonders, she got her first and only set of weaves for the weekend. On the first try even! Another high point is that she did the chute both days with no refusal. They have a nice chute at this facility, though, with a nice big, light/airy opening. She was also very much playing the part of a trained dog and going into the ring while the dog before was in and not holding back the next dog until I have her. Her end-of-run behavior was absolutely 100% rock solid with not so much of a twitch of keep-away. I think she's figured out the routine of, "let's go get good things together."

Oh, Secret's MACH video! Here it is!

I added cheesy music. It was too quiet in the picture parts.  :o)

Next up for us is USDAA in a couple of weeks. I was waffling between that or NADAC here at home, but I found out that the local club raised their price to $13/run unless you run 10+ runs per dog. It's not a household package, it's per dog. None of my dogs run 10 runs, maybe except Kaiser if I really felt like it. Luke won't run that many. I don't feel like running Kizzy in that many. And I'd go broke if I ran everyone in that many runs. So no thanks, I think I'll pass. I have other goals to work on.

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  1. Yay! Congrats! MACH NATCH border collie rescue is a great club to be in!! You guys whipped that out in no time-you're going to run out of titles to get! Better start checking out some nosework ;)