Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Secret is 15 months old! Video!

In honor of Secret turning 15 months old today (old enough to compete in AKC, although we won't be doing that for a while), last night I set up a USDAA Advance Standard course to work her on -- And of course I had my wonderful cousin, Bethany, video it for Secret's blog!

I am just tickled pink with how well Secret ran this course. She is awesome.

I believe I have mentioned it previously, but a couple of weeks ago I almost doubled Secret's food intake. It was hard to admit, but she was pretty skinny and I think that may have contributed to her quickly dwindling energy when we worked. She has filled out a little bit now, but I have noticed a pretty drastic increase in her energy and desire to continue working. I can't have her getting too heavy because she will have to jump high, but she is looking a bit more "presentable" and not so orphan thin these days.

At the end of the night we played with everyone on weaves. Here is the video I put together for that!

As you can see, Secret has chosen "hopping" as her preferred weaving style. I've decided not to mess with it. She still has decent speed and, most importantly, she is happy. Maybe some day she'll switch to swimming on her own, but for now I'll leave good enough alone!

I don't think we'll get in any more training this week. This afternoon I'm taking the boys to the chiropractor, then I have Humane Society stuff the next two days. We have another NADAC trial here in La Crosse this weekend, so Secret will get another weekend of socializing -- and maybe, just maybe she can play on the equipment at the end of it all again!

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  1. Awesome! I love agility videos. Secret is amazing for such a young age! She's going to be a champion in no time.

    Thanks for sharing your party! I really, really need to work on weaves more...