Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Such a lady....

Oh Secret, you are such a lady!

Not too terribly much to report today, other than that Secret was a very good girl at our trial this weekend! She is doing very well spending the day in the soft crate, although I did catch her scratching at it a few times when I took the boys out without her. She got to come out several times to visit with everyone -- I'm so pleased with how well she is doing with people these days.

Secret also got to play with Pearl outside for a bit. Pearl is my friend, Karen's, 10 month old Lab-mix puppy who has MEGA energy to burn, so it was fun to watch them race around together. It was interesting to note that Secret spent most of the time herding Pearl, though. She must be learning that from Max... Thankfully Pearl was a good sport and didn't seem to mind at all, she just had fun running!

Sunday ended with Novice Regular set at 8". I didn't figure it was appropriate to change anything prior to taking Secret into the ring, so we just ran it as is. This was difficult, as there were two other people in the ring doing the same thing, but we managed to work on a few things. It was nice to put Secret into another set of weave poles (even though they are identical to ours, being made by the same person!) and we also got in a couple of repetitions on the contacts before the place cleared out and the lights were turned off as our cue to leave.

Secret's first trial has been decided! Quad City Dog Center in Davenport, IA is having a NADAC trial on February 19 & 20, just a week and a half after Secret turns 18 months old. We don't have a NADAC trial in La Crosse that month, so I think that's a great excuse to make the trek to Iowa. It's also looking like we'll be going to Iowa for the New Years Eve trial, so it will a good opportunity for Secret to settle in and get to know the facility. I am so excited for her first trial!!

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  1. That photo is awesome. That is one comfortable puppy.

    Congratulations on the successful weekend, and for deciding the date of her first trial. Exciting stuff!