Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dear Winter: Go Away

If memory serves correctly, winter does not officially begin until December 21. So what's with all this white crap on the ground (and on my dog walk....)? Blah.

I suppose I'll have to concede and move everything into the garage sooner or later. Because I'm so stubborn (who, me?) I tend to let everything sit outside and get snowed on about three times before I get around to putting it away for the year. The year before last, however, we got a big ice storm and my jumps ended up getting frozen in place for the entire winter! Because of that, I made sure to get everything moved inside earlier last year. Plus I have my matted basement now, so I can just start to move stuff down there before it gets stuck outside.

We didn't get hit too badly. With temperatures going between 35-40 all day, nothing was really sticking. Snowfall totals were hard to determine since so much was melting as soon as it hit. My yard ended up with a frozen crust more than anything. I was pretty thankful as we drove to the chiro appointment yesterday, though, because as we got up onto the ridge it was a different picture. Holy heck, they got nailed! Easily a good 5" of snow in spots and everything was covered. People were out with snow blowers already, even. I'd have been pretty miserable if it were that bad at my house.... I'm just not ready for winter yet.

Secret's chiropractor visit went well! What is this, her third visit to Dr. Engel now? Even Dr. Engel remarked that she seems so much calmer & happier in the clinic than at her initial visit. She was all wiggly and vocal when she recognized one of the technicians as we walked in the door. When we got into the room she more or less settled and plopped on the floor to wait.

Perhaps she just realizes that our visits to this clinic make her feel better. She was still unsure when the tech went to put her into position so I helped with that, but there was really no resistance when Dr. Engel started to work on her.

As usual, Secret was a mess in her middle/lower back. She also had a couple of ribs out of place, which I don't think has been an issue for her previously. It is always amazing to see the change in her as Dr. Engel works up her spine. By the end of the appointment (which really doesn't take long at all) the flinching is completely gone.

I felt a bit of heat in her back as I was massaging her this morning, so I iced it for a bit. I should probably do that a few more times before this weekend, I suppose. Poor Secret, I think she's just going to be one of those dogs who is going to always need maintenance in this department.

With all the maintenance struggles that come with big dogs in sporting events (agility/disc/etc.), it certainly does make my desire to have a Papillon as my next agility dog even more appealing. :o)
Just a little doggy porn there.... ;o) I want his babies! I talked to Roger about it at the last trial (Roger was judge, he owns Primo) and it sounds like it could actually be a possibility.... It just comes down to timing. As in, I can't really have four dogs right now. Oh well. Some day!

Primo is a Moso son -- Moso has sired more Champion Papillons than any dog in history, so it would be pretty awesome to have a part of that.


  1. Pomeranians are totally the toy dog to get for agility. Forget papillions. Lol.

  2. Poms have altogether way too much hair for me. lol Granted, there are some fairly hairy Paps out there, but the texture is different.

    I will admit to having a grand 'ol time fluffing up a few Poms that have come through the shelter - it's like playing with Barbies or My Little Pony dolls. But to care for that every day? Not my cup of tea -- I've also seen what happens to those poor dogs when you DON'T brush them.

    I totally need wash & wear dogs. :o)