Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shelter Pet Project!

Today is a day set aside to honor our pets who were adopted from a shelter or rescue organization! The Shelter Pet Project is trying to spread the word about what GREAT companions these animals make and I am with them 100%!

There are many reasons people opt not to rescue -- They think that rescue dogs come with "baggage." They find it depressing to visit shelters. They "only want puppies" (guess what, both Luke & Secret were adopted as puppies -- puppies end up in rescue, too!). They don't think their breed is available through rescue. Some people just don't really even realize it's an option!

There are SO MANY great dogs available from your local shelters and rescue groups -- and the vast majority of them end up there through no fault of their own. We recently had a young female cattle dog come into our shelter as a stray. She is an AMAZING dog. Someone has obviously spent time working with her and she has a very bright future ahead of her. By not considering a shelter pet, someone would totally miss out on a super awesome dog like Abby.

Border Collie Rescue of MN (where Secret was adopted) recently listed some really nice prospects that were surrendered from an unwanted litter. We are closing in on the two-year anniversary of Secret's adoption and boy am I hankering for a puppy right now. These two make it hard to resist! http://bcrofmn.org/dogs/available/a-kybcpups.php I am partial to the one with more white, personally. Sounds like they will both make great performance prospects!! Alas, I think I have my hands full at the moment so they will have to find a great home with someone else.

So if you or anyone else you know is looking for an addition to your family, don't hesitate to check out shelters & rescue groups! Keep shelters in mind for pets other than cats & dogs as well. We regularly have numerous small critters available such as hamsters, mice, gerbils, rabbits, guinea pigs & birds! We've even had snakes, turtles & ferrets, so the possibilities are endless. Support your local shelter!

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  1. I agree. I can't imagine buying a dog when so many awesome ones are in shelters. MN rescue has some NICE dogs on their page. But I soooo dont need another right now!