Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Have I mentioned....

That it is December 21st and we have no snow?

The whole crew is enjoying our lovely 40 degree weather today!

Joe loves to run! Running is easier without ice!

Joe is getting better at posing, too. :o)

Joe likes Luke a lot - Luke accepts but ignores him. Doesn't Joe look tiny?

I like Joe's structure quite a lot...

The whole crew out exploring - Look at Joe way out front!

He likes to hang with Secret, too.

See how much better we are at posing, now? No ASPCA puppy here!

Secret has a stick - Joe wants the stick. Not going to happen. But look how tiny Secret makes him look...

Look at that movement -- Sorry, the obsession with movement goes back to my horse roots!

Joe has a stick -- Why sticks are so fascinating I will never know!

Whee!! Aw look, his ears are up. :o)

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