Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Secret wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Doesn't she look so festive and cheery posing with her sparkly, glittery ribbons? lol She's such a good sport....

It was a pretty quiet Christmas for the dogs. Luke did get to go up to my parent's house on Christmas Eve and it was just as crazy as I figured it would be with my brother's dogs. I was thankful I only took Luke, as he can handle that sort of thing well.

They had a boring, uneventful Christmas day. I had to work at the shelter in the morning, but we got done early and I was able to spend a bit of extra time with the dogs before I had to leave again. They got play time, so they were happy! Then it was back home for a couple more hours before leaving again. That time I set up one of my big loopy speed circles with hoops and a tunnel and let everyone wear themselves on that. Have I mentioned lately how awesome it is that we don't have snow?
Christmas evening was back up at my parent's house, but I elected to go without dogs that time. I got home at 9:00 and honestly I didn't think the dogs should HAVE to go out and run around again after having three play sessions earlier in the day. Well that was a mistake, as Joe & Secret played for a good hour in the house and made it hard to fall asleep on the couch. ;o)

My mom got all of the dogs a bunch of stuffless stuffies with squeakers. I haven't actually handed them out yet because I know there will be no peace in the house once I do.... I was a bad dog mom and didn't actually get them anything for Christmas. The trial this Saturday will be their present, I guess.

I worked at the shelter yesterday and did a double-take when I walked past the daily calendar. I grabbed it on my way out the door at the end of the day because it reminded me so much of Secret! Why is it, though, that I can never, ever remember which side of her face has the split? It always seems to be exactly the opposite of all the dogs I think look like her.

I thought this was a scruffy puppy after a bath or something, but the description calls it a "mixed breed" with border collie characteristics. Upon closer inspection, I think the blasted thing is actually a borderdoodle. God forbid....


  1. It is a cute picture, but hopefully no one is really breeding borderdoodles (although that is a fun word to type)!

  2. Sadly, they are. There is a "breeder" a couple hours from me who used to produce nice border collies - a friend has two from her lines and they are great dogs. But several years ago she started using crap border collies for some reason and it was a short jump to doodleland, I guess. One of her doodles ended up in Secret's rescue earlier this year - he came in with a full border collie puppy they purchased from the breeder at the same time. Family realized they weren't prepared and breeder wouldn't return calls. Awesome...

    Aussiedoodles are out there, too, unfortunately. Apparently we can make doodles out of anything. [barf]