Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Octagon Drills

 As promised, I ran the octagon drills with the dogs tonight.  It was another warm, 80-degree day and honestly the lawn probably should have been mowed, but I chose to work the dogs instead!

One thing is abundantly clear after doing the drills suggested by Steve at AgilityNerd -- I really need more work with this stuff.  lol  No surprise, though, as I have always been pretty awful at threadles.

Secret was a good girl and tried hard to do what I asked.  As such her speed wasn't up where I would prefer it to be, but she was being careful and was game to do what I directed her to.  She's an honest dog that way and makes it very obvious when I screw up!

 Wee man even held it together to do a bang-up job.  I didn't think he'd do more than two threadles in a row, but I think he actually made it all the way around the circle at least once!

I didn't include it in the video, but at the end I did some straight line stuff through the middle with him to get the speed back up and he zipped right through like a happy little Klee Kai.  I'm really crossing my fingers that he'll be more comfortable at 12" at our trial in a couple of weeks.

The Luke-meister managed to make it into this video.  He was a trooper and tried hard, even managing to make it through a few threadles.  lol  Poor Luke, he thinks life sucks since I started to step away from NADAC.  By the way, I haven't talked about the latest nonsense and I haven't decided yet if I will.  If so, stay tuned because it should be entertaining.  ;o)

I didn't intend to immediately bombard everyone with posts and videos upon getting a computer at home.  lol  No worries, as tomorrow I should probably mow, then I'm at the shelter Thursday night, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  Poor dogs.  This weekend will be their first real test with the potty yard, as my parents are out of town and my cousin is unable to let them out.  There is rain in the forecast; I hope they are wrong.  The dog door is ordered, but for now all I can do is prop the door open!

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