Thursday, May 24, 2012

Web cam fun!

 For some reason I purchased a web cam the other evening on my way home from the shelter.  It's not like I have anyone I feel the need to Skype with or anything, but apparently I thought it would be a good thing to have now that I have a computer at home.

Well, now I did find something fun to do with my web cam!  I made a Ustream channel so that I can check in on the dogs while I'm gone!  The dog door is not in yet, but ever since the dog yard went in and I started leaving the door open, I've been incredibly curious to know if they use it or not.

This is the "embed" link from the channel -- I have no idea what it will put on my blogger page:

Video streaming by Ustream

Or if you ever want to see if anything is live you can simply go to the channel page:

Can you believe the channel name, "What are my dogs doing" was not taken?  Go figure.

Today was the first day I used it and I set it up about five minutes before I had to run out the door (I picked up two shifts at the shelter this week so the dogs are home Thursday & Friday).  I downloaded the Ustream application for my droid and spent my lunch hour watching.... Nothing.  lol  I did see Kaiser briefly.

I had shared the link with my parents in the morning to let them check in on the dogs -- Then I posted it on Facebook at lunch so that everyone could help me watch them.  :o)  Several people checked in and did catch the dogs.  Seems like Kaiser is the one who tends to go in and out the most.

I hit the record button when I left at 8:00, not knowing how long it would actually record.  Turns out three hours is the max, so I've been skipping through to see what went on in that time.  I'm halfway through and there hasn't been too much excitement.  Secret & Kaiser went in and out several times.  The only real oddity is that Kaiser barks when I'm not home!  Kaiser NEVER barks.  Sure he screams when I come home, but a bark?  And I have no idea what he is barking at because the other dogs totally don't react at all.  If he sees something out the window and makes any sort of noise whatsoever it sends everyone into a tizzy.  On the video there was no reaction, so I have no idea what he was doing (he was off camera).  Huh, interesting!

My dad says I should attach the camera to an oscillating fan to get a more interesting show.  :o)  Great idea, but I'm always hesitant to run electronics when I'm not home (except the t.v., obviously).

If you ever check out the channel and see the dogs, let me know what they were doing!

Luke and Kaiser are my dog picture today because Secret is hiding in the bathroom from a storm that is moving through (it's brief, no point in getting out the Thundershirt).  I was glad I got home before it started.  It's not bad, thankfully, and we are getting some very much needed rain!  Good thing is that the weather is supposed to be gorgeous tomorrow so I'll get to leave the door open for the dogs again!

We are headed over to New Berlin, WI for another USDAA trial on Saturday!  Bright and early -- like, REALLY freaking bright and early.  I figure we have to be on the road by 4 a.m.  So awesome.  I'm getting my treats made up tonight because tomorrow I have to shoot to be in bed by 8:00 p.m. or so.  Luke is supposed to be staying with my parents, that is if they decided not to go down to Chicago.  I would feel even worse having him at a trial doing nothing than I do leaving him behind.

I highly, highly doubt I'll get video since I don't actually know anyone at this trial.  That's a bummer.  I'll take the camera along just in case, though!

Secret is entered in all five classes that day -- P1 Standard, Gamblers, Jumpers & Pairs and Performance Speed Jumping.  If she gets Jumpers that will be her first USDAA title!  Kaiser will be running P1 Standard, Gamblers & Jumpers.  When I saw the class numbers I remembered why I was waffling on entering Kaiser.  There are only FOUR P1 dogs at this trial, and two of them are mine.  Sigh.  And once again Secret is a draw for Pairs.  The other two dogs entered are 16" Australian Shepherds belonging to people I've never even heard of.  Hopefully one of them is agreeable to running back to back.


  1. So in the video in this blog I've seen action. Including a person. Is it recorded? Kaiser is freaking adorable :)

    1. That is the first three hours from yesterday (the recording limit) -- so the person you see is me wearing my scrubs before leaving. :o) I'll be starting it in about twenty minutes or so for today. Right now I have it pointing towards the living room, but I have to find a way to secure it better so it doesn't fall down during the day.

  2. What fun. Sometimes I wonder what my dogs do during the day.