Sunday, October 21, 2012

Still no NATCH for Kaiser, one step closer for Secret!

The crew brought home some nice loot from the NADAC trial this weekend.  Everyone ran well, which is always great! Luke had a perfect day on Saturday, going 4/4! Secret was 2/4 on Saturday, due to an off course in Regular and then a Chances run that wasn't even close. Kaiser.... He had a big fat goose-egg on Saturday with zero Q's, but he really ran awesome all day and I was thrilled. He did exactly what Secret did in Chances (hmm, handler?) and then had single errors in the other runs.

The set of courses from yesterday were ones we've seen before, although I can't say I really remember the Chances course. I definitely remembered the Regular course, though, as it was jammed full of serpentine after serpentine. I felt bad for Secret during our second run because she totally biffed it when I did a blind cross as she came out of a pinwheel. FDC really needs to put down more sand again; the floors were very slick and I ran conservatively because of it.

Video from Saturday:




Today started with Jumpers and I am still kicking myself for trying the bonus line with Luke. Do I not do this every time (lately) that I attempt these? It is NOT FAIR to even try these with Luke anymore considering we haven't practiced distance since spring at best. I didn't even include the attempt in Luke's video because it was such a mess. It had its good parts no doubt, but overall it was just... Ugh. I need to stop that.

Secret was having a great Jumpers run until I got lost on course! Thankfully I found the properly numbered cone and was able to direct her before she gave up on me and went to run her own course.  ;o)  We recovered nicely and Q'd on that run.

I called Kaiser too early yet again and he cut in then went out took the wrong side of the jump. Once we got past that yucky spot he was golden -- he was a zippy little man this weekend, that's for sure!

The Chances course today had a very high Q rate in Elite, so it stands to reason that Kaiser would be one of the few to NOT get it.... Sigh. Secret's Chances run was LOVELY, though, so that's always awesome to see!! Today she earned her Outstanding Elite Chances title, which brings her just THREE runs from NATCH! Woot, baby dog!  She could beat Kaiser yet....

Secret was dragging by the time we got to Regular. Her weave speed suffers the most at the end of the weekend, that's for sure. Her first run was nice for a Q, but we both kind of gave up on the 2nd run. I didn't support the "out tunnel" well enough and she went off course up the dog walk. I noticed on the video that she was really slipping a lot on the turf today -- I'm sure none of that helps with her speed, either.

The boys both had great Regular runs -- Luke got called on his dog walk in the 2nd run because he totally broke his start line and then I was lazy about getting there. As a result, he started to come off the side and then just bailed forward. Oh well, he gets called on the dog walk once in a blue moon these days, so I'm not too upset.

Kaiser was pooped out by the last two classes -- I had added him into Elite Hoopers (Q!) earlier in the day, so he had all five runs on his plate. It works to my advantage when he's tired, though, because he pulled out a Q in both of the last runs. Phew, at least we have a couple of Q's towards Champs next year now! I suppose eventually we'll have to enter some games to get those, too, for all of the dogs.

Video from today:




This week we rest up for our USDAA trial in New Berlin on Sunday! We probably won't get a chance to do too much agility this week, but I do hope to brush up on the table and teeter a bit, like always. I also need to get a hotel reservation made, as I would like to drive over Saturday afternoon and spend the night. Luke will be staying with my parents, where he is sure to be spoiled!

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  1. Sorry you didn't get that NATCH - you were so close!
    I find it so weird that NADAC reuses courses!