Saturday, March 2, 2013

Quick trial check-in -- Still no NATCH

Obladi, oblada. Two days into the trial, two shots at Chances and still no NATCH. Bummer, eh? Good thing we have one more shot at it tomorrow!

Unfortunately neither attempt was really even what I could call close. As I mentioned previously, maybe this whole "can't train all winter" thing is not the most conducive to our distance handling.

Aside from that, Secret is running great! This morning she was entered in Round 2 of Regular (Luke was in Round 1). I couldn't help but groan to myself as I walked the course first thing and realized that Secret's round would have the weaves as obstacle two. Come on... Of all the luck.

That said, I thought she had some pretty slamming weaves considering they were the second obstacle on the course! Secret put in a very lovely Regular run today. She also had a great Jumpers run, even though I managed to get RIGHT in her way and probably knocked her neck out of alignment as she tried to keep from plowing into me. Stupid handler...

Luke also drew the short straw on the number of runs this weekend, but that is the price you pay for getting to play at USDAA trials now, buddy. He didn't suffer too much today, though -- he still got three runs (vs. the normal four). Tomorrow will be tougher, as both Secret and Luke only have two runs.

Luke is also running great -- and, just like Secret, is Qing in everything except Chances. Unlike Secret, however, Luke has been getting the challenges, but has knocked a bar both days. Boo. He WILL get it tomorrow!!

I don't know if Kaiser thought USDAA was so awful that he's extremely happy to be running NADAC exclusively, or if he's so jealous about not running USDAA that he's trying extra hard in NADAC now... But either way, he is on a heck of a roll lately. With Q's in both rounds of Regular today that is at least six in a row that's he's gotten, if not more (records? you want me to look at records?). He hasn't gotten called on his dog walk in lord knows how long, but we still managed to NQ in Touch-n-Go today thanks to a wrap on a hoop (which he went back through -- monkey see, monkey do).

Kaiser was, of course, my only dog to actually Q in Chances today. And, of course, the course had a dog walk. Maybe he's changed his rules -- maybe now he will only Q on Chances courses with dog walks?

More fun tomorrow. Cross your fingers!

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