Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our harness labels have arrived!!

Hooray! I've been watching my order from, wondering with bated breath if our new tags for Secret's Julius K-9 Harness would arrive before our trial this weekend. They came in the mail tonight! My work day has been so crazy that I'd almost forgot about it until I saw the nondescript envelope in my mailbox when I got home.

Seriously, do you know how much angst goes into coming up with these things? lol Okay, maybe it's just me... You have to pick the COLOR in addition to what you want it to say. Oh the choices, the choices.

I went with purple glitter. I didn't know if pink glitter on the pink harness would have been overkill. Let's face it, any color glitter lettering is going to rock. And since purple and pink are kind of tied for favorite colors in my world, I figured I'd have Secret's harness rock both colors.

Secret's name was the obvious choice for one side (because I'm so not original and figured that would just be easy). Coming up with what to put on her tag for the other side was a bit harder. Knowing me, I'll probably end up deciding I don't like this one and ordering different ones -- but for now, I figured Sassypants fit Secret well, especially at trials where she's barking at me the whole time...

We all know that I'd love to get a label that says, "bitch" because that would be MOST fitting for Secret, but seeing as the intention is for her to wear her harness at trials I didn't know if that was the best impression to be making on judge.  :o)  Maybe "I Q a Lot" would be better? hahahaha

We don't need to Q a lot this weekend. Just once and we'll be good. Secret and Luke both have three shots to get the one Chances Q they both need, so hopefully we can knock that out of the way for each of them this weekend!

Neither are running in much else; both have just six runs total for three days thanks to me trying to save money towards running them in USDAA instead of NADAC. In addition to their Chances runs all three days, Luke & Secret are both entered in Jumpers on Saturday & Sunday and one round of Regular each on Saturday. I think Luke got round 1 and Secret got round 2.... Secret has so many stinking Jumpers Q's that I wanted to cut her back there, but I have a hard time keeping her out of the one class she enjoys the most. And since we don't really have the ability to create positive training experiences right now, we may as well try to achieve that at trials.

The little fart gets to run five runs a day on the weekend and twice on Friday. Poor Kaiser doesn't get to run USDAA, so this is his weekend to have fun! No big titles on the line for the little guy, but hopefully we can knock out a few games towards his V-NATCH.


  1. I think purple glitter is always the right choice! Good luck this weekend! You should come down here in July for our NADAC trial-it rocks. And we have a cool raffle!

  2. Replies
    1. No, because Kaiser has a different style of harness that doesn't have labels. Kaiser's harness is about a year and a half old (we bought it at Champs in 2011) and still going strong, so I can't really justify getting him a new one. The ComfortFlex fits him well and works for us. Maybe eventually I'll break down and get him a Julius K-9. We'll see -- Depends on how much money I have next time we run into our vendor. ;o)