Monday, February 4, 2013

Furry little nursemaids

I got hit with the flu on Saturday. Just when I thought it had passed (last night), it hit me again this morning. I have to say, the dogs have been wonderful -- Happy to lay around, not terribly demanding and super, duper cuddley. This morning I didn't even get out of bed until 11:00 (after getting up to feed the dogs and call into work at 6 a.m.). Secret may be thinking I'm a giant loser who needs to go outside and play in the above photo, but she hid her feelings well and stuck by my side (after taking herself out mid-morning, running laps in the snow and then bringing it all back to bed with her).

Even Kaiser has come forward for cuddle time, which kind of makes me wonder if I'm dieing... Today he positioned himself on my lap and must have stayed there for a good 15-20 minutes. They seem genuinely concerned when I have a retching fit -- probably because they worry about who would feed them if I fall over dead.

How miserable would it be to be home sick without my furry nursemaids?

We got lucky on the weather front. Well, I suppose it depends on how you define "luck." Last I wrote we were living on a block of ice with snow on the horizon. Snow came; believe me, snow came. It came in amounts large enough that it no longer matters that there is ice beneath it! Our forecasted 3-6" snowfall turned into more like 10-12" and then we've had what the weatherpersons like to call "clippers" the last few nights that have added probably another 3-4" by now. So yes, we have a LOT of snow. The dogs think it's grand.

The giant pile has once again appeared below the deck (the results of shoveling it clear) and that's the BEST THING EVER in Secret's head. She loves to play in that pile. Luke loves to eat it. Kaiser thinks it all kind of sucks, but at least now we've played enough in the yard that he can maneuver through the trampled snow. It was kind of deep for him!

For once I was thankful that we didn't have a trial this past weekend. At this point I'm even kind of glad we don't have one this coming weekend. But the week after that we'll totally be ready.  :o)

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! I don't think my dogs would know what to do with that much snow!