Monday, February 11, 2013

Alternate Universe?

I'm not sure what to think here. Tonight Secret chose a tug toy over food...


With some warmer temps the last few days, that foot+ of snow we got started to melt. Unfortunately everything refroze today and the whole yard is a mixture of frozen slush and puddles that break when you step on them.

That means one thing -- basement!

I went downstairs with a pouch of food, planning to play with everyone on the Theraball before dinner. I figured a little core work never hurt anyone going into a trial weekend.

Imagine my surprise when I'm sitting there working Kaiser & Luke on the ball with food and Secret is going to town on a little furry tug (one of the multitude I purchased when attempting to build her toy drive as a puppy). Um, what? I expected to be shoving her out of the way during their turns.

When it was her turn I called her over and she brought the toy. She jumped up on the ball, took a piece of food and then grabbed her toy back. She slid off the ball and started tugging while I had food in my hand! I was a little surprised, to say the least.

This went on for some time and she would go back to chewing on her toy while the boys took another turn. Secret worked for her tug on the ball and even got into a pretty hardcore game of tuggy while on the peanut -- talk about core exercise, right?

She took food when offered, but continued to go back to the toy every time. Crazy. Who'd have thought the day would ever come when the toy would completely and totally trump the food?

I'm really looking forward to our trial this weekend! It should be loads of fun with two dogs who haven't done much of anything all week. Secret is finally going to the chiropractor on Wednesday, too. She is long overdue, so hopefully that keeps her happy & comfy all weekend long.

In other news, look what I made this weekend!  :o)  They are magically delicious. You, too, can dine on delectable unicorn poop if you feel like stabbing yourself in the eye with a fork. The recipe and instructions can be found at this web site.  They were a big hit at work today, which was the point of making them. They just taste like your basic sugar cookie, but they are super-duper pretty when you bite into them! And sparkly. We can't forget the sparkly.

My parents came over yesterday afternoon so that my mom could help slap these babies together. The dogs enjoyed their visit. Maybe a bit too much. Secret is weird....


  1. I'd eat that! And that is really cool about Secret tugging!!

  2. Maybe she remembered she's a border collie! Those cookies are too cute! Unicorn poop-who comes up with this?