Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kaiser's an old pro

Today Kaiser and I drove back up to Minneapolis for the second time in just over a week. Target specially requested that he return to fill a few more shots that they needed, so who was I to say no to that?

Apparently this was a continuation of the job from last week, but they were moving on to winter jackets. The shoot producer apparently had a couple of jackets specifically in mind for Kaiser -- Does that mean that he's for sure going to show up on the packaging? I guess we'll wait and see!

This week is a lot more low key than last week, I guess. They were down to only one set, but it was the same one we shot on last time so Kaiser was familiar with everything. And everyone, as the crew was the same, too.

Our time slot was at 11:00 a.m. today, which was nice because we got to sleep in and left home at 7:45 a.m. We arrived to the studio at 10:30 and Kaiser was the only dog in the waiting area this time. They were just wrapping up the dog before us and were actually ahead of schedule, so I had just enough time to fluff Kaiser up and wipe the goobers out of his eyes before we got called back.

Kaiser modeled the small jackets, but we didn't really have a lot of choice in the matter because he swam in the medium! I assured them that if I was the customer I'd buy the small because he needs his clothing to be short in the back because of his tail. It wasn't exactly the fit I would love on him, but it certainly worked. And of course it all looked completely darling on him.

They wanted Kaiser to model two blue jackets -- one with a solid stripe and one with a plaid stripe. He was, once again, amazing. They just kept getting perfect shot after perfect shot and it took no time at all. We took a brief break to wander outside and when we got back in they decided to throw him in a pink jacket as well (regardless of the fact that he is a boy, Kaiser looks fantastic in pink with his coloring!).

The surprise of the day was how well Kaiser worked with Barbara! She was the trainer on our set today and as we went on it became fairly obvious that Kaiser was responding better to Barbara than he was to me, so I just kind of stood behind her. He totally responded to her requests for repositioning and was very attentive to her! Who is this dog? It's like you put him on the table in front of the lights, camera and crew and he just turns it on.  :o)

Once again they were all in love with him. I was happy that Kaiser performed so well in front of Barbara, too, since she's more or less in charge of his future as "the talent" and she was also impressed with his wonderful performance. So much so that she mentioned possibly using him for another shoot she has this Friday for Christmas wear. I really don't know if I should push for another day off work (three in two weeks?), but I told her she can put him out there for the client to see and if they choose him I'll worry about it then. I probably *shouldn't* drive to the cities for a third time in two weeks, but it's hard to say no to seeing your dog on stuff...

Since we were "in the area" (okay, it's about a 20-minute side trip), I stopped at Cake Walk in Northfield, MN again on the way home. Nom, nom, nom. I only got two cupcakes this time and I'm keeping them all for myself! lol I bought the turtle cupcake because I didn't get to try that from my last box. The one on the left is their signature red velvet cupcake, which I don't believe was offered last week. I can't wait to try them!

Kaiser and I got home at 3:00, which is just late enough that there's no way it paid for me to go into work today. So instead I took advantage of the sunshine and temperatures in the upper 40's and took the dogs for a walk. I'm really tired of pulling ticks of them right now, though, so we just did an hour-long leashed walk around the neighborhood. I really need to order/buy Frontline (or whatever) so that we can go on fun walks.

The yard continues to improve. Fingers crossed that we can play there again soon!


  1. Stop posting cupcake pictures!

    1. :o) I can't help it! Now that I know the place exists I'm drawn there like a fly to manure any time I'm within an hour of the place. lol Unfortunately I'm pretty sure they're closed when I'd be on my way home from a trial in the Cities. Boo.