Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, Secret!

Oh my goodness. I'm a horrible dog mom. We've been so insanely busy lately that I almost completely forgot Secret's birthday. Today Secret turns four years old! Where has the time been?

Seriously, I was at work today and had written the date a few times for various things. I was thinking to myself, why does this date seem familiar? 8/9...... Oh DUH. Poor Secret. No birthday love for her this morning and then honestly, I kind of even forgot until I'd been sitting at home for a while. Sheesh.

Not only did I forget it was her birthday, but Secret's special day has been far from exciting. I decided to take tonight "off" from our usual whirlwind of activity because I finally went to the chiropractor today (yes, for myself!). I know I could have easily gone for a walk, but I'm being lazy and staying home. Secret's birthday fun has consisted of frisbee, playing with the hose and cutting her nails.  :o)  Oh, and her impromptu tiara photo shoot.

It's another low-key weekend for us. I could have been going to an AKC trial this weekend, but it sounds like the road construction up in the Cities is a nightmare right now and I'm not feeling too down about having to sit this one out. Instead I'll go spend my morning tomorrow volunteering at the shelter's yearly fundraiser, Bark in the Park. I haven't attended since I started working at CRHS, so I'm looking forward to going back. It will be my first time attending without a dog, but that's okay, because who would I choose?!

Hopefully I'll get the chance to set up a fun agility drill to play with this weekend. Ann Croft has several more I'd like to play with, but part of me is thinking I need to start focusing a little more on some NADAC skills in the coming weeks. Our confirmations arrived this week, so it got real!


  1. Wishing Secret a very Happy Birthday! I love her birthday crown :)