Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kizzy update!

I made a new video highlighting where Kizzy is in her training as of today! That little stinker continues to impress me, especially when you consider just how little time I've actually put into working on agility with her. The majority of our time seems to be spent walking/running these days (or rollerblading if it would ever cool down) and not so much on training obstacle skills. That said, she is doing awesome.

It was 92 degrees when I got home from work tonight, so that's partially the reason why she's a bit more subdued than usual. But still, I'm thrilled that she'll even consider working in this weather! There were a couple of times when Kizzy ran over to the water bucket to stick her head in (seriously, she practically dunks her head to drink when she's hot), but she always came running right back for more.

I just used treats tonight, as I figured it's a bit hot to get her so worked up over the toys. I also figure contacts = food for the time being. I should set up some jump drills and work her with toys one of these days to see if her focus is improving at all after this work with food. I'm really quite impressed with the little lady.

An update from the last post -- I switched the tunnel to the other side of the dog walk last night and sure enough, dumb dogs.  ;o)  Okay, not dumb, but definitely not the "dumb luck" we experienced in the other direction. Once they figured out what I wanted we were golden, but Secret stood and barked at me for a while, turned around to go back up the dog walk and a few other wrong choices before she figured it out.

The final confirmation for next weekend's AKC trial came today. It's a very small trial. I'm thinking I'll leave Kizzy and Luke and home and just take Secret & Kaiser since the days will be so short. Yes, Kizzy needs trial exposure -- But it might be nice to have a "quiet" trial....


  1. Kizzy is going to be a rockstar!

  2. She's doing great in such a short time!