Monday, September 2, 2013

Kaiser is in Target!!

Look what news I got today! The first of Kaiser's merchandise is appearing on the shelves at Target!!

I actually just stopped at the one in La Crosse on Saturday to see if any of the Halloween stuff was hitting the store yet, but unfortunately I didn't find anything (they did have some Halloween toys out, though, so I figure it must be soon).

That said, imagine my surprise when this photo popped up on Facebook today. It was posted on the wall of a Klee Kai friend of mine up in Minneapolis by one of her friends who saw it in the store. I have no idea why they have the winter wear out already, but LOOK! Kaiser made it on the packaging!!  :o)

It's just the coolest thing ever. I can't wait to see what else he might have been chosen for.....

Not much else to report, I've been slacking in the training department -- but we've been doing lots of running! I tallied up my August total and was a little surprised to see that we did 124 miles last month (that would be walking, running, and I think one rollerblading outing at the beginning of the month before it got hot). Today the weather finally broke and we enjoyed a 5-mile run in 63 degree weather. The dogs have been just dragging in the heat and humidity, so I was glad to see that the girls were their bright & energetic selves with the cooler weather. The boys got to go for a walk when we got home and they, too, seemed much happier with the cooler weather. Looks like we have a few more nice days in front of us and then it heats back up for the weekend. Oh well, at least our trial is indoors!


  1. So cool! Still waiting to see Lyrics Banfield stuff.

  2. Yay! But I am appalled by the introduction of winter stuff already!