Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Champs 2013 -- We are here!

It's just after 8 p.m. and we are hunkered down for the night in our hotel room. Our day has gone about as good as one could hope for! We left home right on time and pulled out of the driveway at 10 a.m. By the time we hit Davenport, Iowa I was kind of done with driving. Ugh. We finally found a rest stop about 3 1/2 hours in and stopping to stretch my legs helped a lot. The dogs all did great and went potty, too. Yes, all four out on leash at once. That was fun.

With a quick stop for gas a half hour from our destination, we rolled into the fairgrounds in Springfield at 4:10. Just over six hours, not too bad!

I found my stall rather quickly -- we're right in the front row (I'm A11), so after parking in the covered arena I didn't have to trek my stuff too terribly far. Once again I managed to get a stall with a giant hole in it, but whatever.

I found people I know, dropped my USB off at the Three Pines station and walked Kizzy around for a while to try to wear her out a bit. The general briefing occurred shortly before 6 a.m. after which we all received our goodie bags (I haven't looked through mine yet, they are out in the car) and that was it for the night!

I ran to Walmart on the way to the hotel to pick up some food for the hotel (I figure milk & cereal is easy enough to do in the morning!) and then came and checked in. I'm staying at the Red Roof Inn again and could not be more pleased with my room. We are in a different building than last time, but I'm still on the first floor and my car is literally two steps from the door. We're right on a corner and there's a big patch of grass right outside the door, so bedtime potty trips will be nice and quick.  :o)

Kizzy is the only one really up and about now -- imagine that. I'm still not sure how I'm going to manage to wear her out this week. Oh well, it should be fun.

Tomorrow (and every other day) starts bright and early at 7 a.m.! I should be able to update daily!

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