Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Champs Stats (in case you are obsessive like me)

So yeah, for a person who stinks at math, I sure am obsessive about numbers....

That's a breakdown of the divisions at Champs this year and how many dogs from each group would be pulled into the finals based on whatever number Sharon decides to go with. I've heard people say anything from 15% to 30%, but yesterday in the forum Sharon made a comment about the top 1/3 being invited into the finals.

I don't know, that seems extraordinarily high, don't you think? We're talking over 70 dogs and I don't feel like it's gone on that long in past years that I've attended. And we aren't even including the Silver and Super Stakes dogs because those numbers have not been posted on the forum that I'm aware of.

So yeah. Who knows. But just in case you were curious, here you go.  :o)

Luke's class is the largest with 37 dogs. Our 16" Vet/JH class was one of the largest in 2011, so it appears that all of our dogs are getting older and dropping down into Skilled. lol  I believe Secret's class has shrunk a bit -- probably from a few of the old 16" dogs aging into Veteran status. I believe the number in Kaiser's division is very similar to last time, although I don't recognize too many dogs from 2011.

Only ONE MORE WEEK to obsess!


  1. So weird! Here I am thinking about my trip that starts Friday LOL!

  2. One day you will have to attend the festival that is the USDAA Nationals or the AKC Nationals with 1000 dogs! I was lucky to squeak into finals with Skye last year at AKC with I think just 7% going to the finals.

    I hope you do great!!!

    1. Thanks! It is kind of crazy that our national event in NADAC has the same number of dogs as a local two-ring AKC trial... That would be thanks to Sharon's one ring, one dog at a time rule to "encourage" people to watch & cheer for every run. The posted limit is 250 dogs. I do hope to get to Cyno or AKC Nats one day to experience a national event on a far greater scale.

      Champs is it's own beast, but it can be a lot of fun. Well, it was fun in 2011 in Springfield. It was pure misery in 2009 in TN... lol Hoping for the best this year!

    2. I went as a spectator to a NADAC Champs back in 2006 I think - it was in Missouri. It was actually a lot of fun to watch. My wife won the 16" regular class that year. That was the last one she did though, because of all the changes.
      Well one good thing is with fewer dogs, you have a better shot at a placement!

  3. Porter & I are in Reg 04-08-Vet/JH.

    I just hope he weaves this year... We could have kicked some ass in 2011, but he only weaved once the entire week :(

    1. Secret ran into some weave issues in 2011 as well. She had a minor meltdown and forgot how to weave on the set of 12 in round 5 (the weavers round), so when she skipped some poles in round 6 I just went on and took the 20 point fault (she wasn't in the running for anything anyhow). Thankfully she got her weaves back for round 7, but who knows what that was all about!

      She's matured a lot since then, so hopefully we won't have as many "baby dog" issues -- but her back is so sensitive that four days of weaving does tend to get to her.

      I've thought about trying the chiro on site, but that whole deal with getting your vet to sign off on a consent form just sounds like a pain. If I presented that to our vet chiro I almost feel like she'd get offended or something. lol I know, not rational, but she's different.

      I'm sure Porter will rock those weaves this year! :o) That's a great group of dogs in the 4/8 vet class.

  4. Legend did not have a single clean run last time. So hopefully this year is better. It's so different from AKC nationals!