Sunday, September 8, 2013

Secret OA, OAJ!

We are home from yet another perfect weekend of AKC agility! Secret's streak has continued and she remains at 100% Q-rate -- but best of all, she is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY at these trials. I wish I knew why it was so much different for her. AKC is her happy place for some reason (granted, only having two runs is probably a large part of it, plus not having to do Chances).

I was happy with all of her runs this weekend. Today was typically slower as day two always is, but she was still trying hard and giving it her all. She's always right up there in the Open class -- if not the fastest time, one of the top ones. I'm excited to see how she stacks up against the Masters class, where maybe she'll actually start to see some competition.  :o)

I'm thrilled that we get to move up to Excellent at our trial next month and play on the "big dog" courses. There were several times this weekend that I wished we would have gotten a shot at those courses! I was all set to go ahead and enter Secret all three days in October, but then I was just glancing at the titles and was reminded that you need two different judges for your title -- so if she stayed perfect then her Sunday runs wouldn't even count. Boo. I'll have to think about that one. I mean, you never know, she may not Q.  ;o)

Kaiser had a good weekend, too! Yesterday he got to run Time 2 Beat for the first time and as I figured this style of course was right up his alley. I did pull away too soon on a turn to a teeter, causing him to turn early before a jump, but we saved it and thankfully R's are not called in T2B! Unfortunately he made up his own courses in JWW (just one off course) and Std (30 faults total), so no Q's there. Today, however, he was spot on and had a QQ day!

We got to really have fun in his Novice JWW when we learned that there had been a timer malfunction for our first run. It had been a great run on a fun little course, so when I was offered the chance for a re-run for time I took it -- and it was FUN! I really pushed Kaiser -- it was great practice for Champs! -- and he came in with a 5.92 yps time. The judge thought our first run had been faster, but it's hard to say.

I over-handled him in a big way in Std, but I was being greedy and wanted the Q. I hovered at the table to try to keep him from bouncing off and earned us a Refusal, but that was (thankfully) his only fault in that run for his first Open Q!

No video from yesterday, but we did get video today!

This was a very small trial and we got done early both days -- So I decided to take Secret & Kaiser to play at the beach before going home each day. Secret thinks it's awesome; Kaiser could take it or leave it, I'm pretty sure, so I'm not sure how much of a reward it was for him. lol  It was very hot yesterday and the beach was pretty crowded, but today we had it practically to ourselves.

There is a giant dock that they use for water skiing shows that is covered in green turf -- I've always wanted to try jumping Secret off of it, but it's always been busy/crowded when we go there. It was free today, so we got to play! It's very high up, at least the height of a dock jumping dock, so it was fun to see how far Secret could jump with the added height. She rocked it (after the first hesitant plop into the water, at least). Loads and loads of fun.

I have decided not to enter any dogs in any classes at the NADAC trial next weekend. We are going to save ourselves for Champs now -- plus the $$ I would have put towards the trial is being handed over to the doggy chiropractor. Secret was a mess when she went in this week and will be going back the Monday before we leave. Kaiser and Luke will both be seen next Monday. Luke is already scheduled to go in with Secret before we leave and if Kaiser needs it for some reason he'll get it, too.

It's getting close!

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