Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy Birthday, Kaiser!

I find it hard to believe, but Kaiser is six years old today! It seems like just yesterday that I flew to Colorado all by myself to begin our adventure together. He is my wee little man and I will always think of him as a puppy, but there is no doubt that he has matured quite a lot this past year.

I found myself passing time watching videos on YouTube and was surprised to note how much his maturity has come out in the agility ring this year. He's become much steadier, less twitchy, more confident and even faster! Those early years were trying, but I guess they were worth it.  ;o)

It's hard for me to tell if Kaiser has settled around the house or if he just seems more mellow compared to Kizzy's non-stop craziness. lol Having her around has been good for him, though. I get no end of amusement watching their morning wrestling matches while I get ready in the bathroom each day (seriously, no idea what triggers it, but this happens pretty much daily!). I'm happy that I could provide him with a friend his own size so that Secret would stop beating up on him 24/7.  Ha!

Not too much else to report around here. We are back into the deep freeze again. When I drove home from work we'd warmed all the way up to 2 degrees above zero -- but that's pretty good considering my day started at 22 degrees BELOW zero. You know it's cold when the dog door frosts on the inside...

We did have a couple of nice days on Friday and Saturday where we actually saw 40 degrees! We definitely made the most of it on Saturday -- I took each pair of dogs out on their own 5k run (6.25 miles for me!) and then we played frisbee in the back yard for a while. The goal was to completely wear everyone out enough to last them through the day on Sunday since the temps were supposed to drop like a rock.

It worked, for the most part -- But I did end up dragging my weave poles into the basement yesterday to give us something to do. It also occurred to me that Kizzy hadn't seen poles in a while and I figured I should at least try to keep her fairly fresh on them this winter. We'll probably head downstairs to burn off some energy here shortly.

I'm home from work tomorrow and then the plan is to drive over to Oshkosh for that fun match on Wednesday. Unfortunately the weather is being a pain. It's snowing now, it's supposed to snow tomorrow and another inch or so is supposed to fall on Wednesday. It's all nuisance snow that shouldn't amount to much, so I just hope it doesn't make the roads yucky. I'd really like to go over and play agility with everyone!


  1. Happy Birthday Kaiser! I'm so jealous of all the snow you get. It seems like it's always "suppose" to snow there. We don't have any good snow in the forecast from what I can tell :(

  2. He's so cute. Happy 6th to him!