Sunday, December 1, 2013

Long Weekend

Today was the last day of a long holiday weekend at home. I don't know that I can directly recall the last time we spent four days at home and didn't have to go somewhere or do anything. The dogs seem to think it's pretty swell when I hang at home with them. I, on the other hand, turn into a lazy sloth when there is nothing on my calendar...

I did go shopping, though! The bench that I picked up at Walmart last year has been a staple in this house ever since it arrived. When I saw that they were back up for the 6 p.m. Thursday deal this year I figured it would probably be in my best interest to go buy one (or two...). I did end up getting two since I managed to snag a cart this year. I decided to go ahead and double up the window seat so that all of the dogs could technically sit up there and look outside together (if they share well). Then we still have one in reserve for when one finally gives out. I thought they were such an amazing deal at $29/each, but then I was searching online for a friend that asked about them and discovered that they retail for $35. So yeah... I gave up a couple hours of my life to save $5.  :o)  Oh well, nothing much better to do anyhow.

Wednesday night I took Kizzy and Kaiser to open ring time at Family Dog Center. My hope was that there would be other people there to give Kizzy some practice at working around other dogs, but apparently people have better things to do around the holidays. There was one other person there who was just wrapping up as we arrived. She was nice enough to sit outside the ring with her dog while I took Kizzy out for her first spin. I warned her that I had no idea what Kizzy would do and that she could very well run straight out of the ring to say hello.

I'm happy to report that we had no such problems! Kizzy seemed oblivious to the person and dog outside of the ring and was all about playing! The course that was set was still the Time 2 Beat course that we played on during our ring rental last weekend and Kizzy did a great job.

I was glad that I had brought Kaiser, though, so that I could still do some "trial simulation" and swap the two of them back and forth. Kizzy was quieter at some moments than others, but she's doing better in her crate. She is super sassy, though, and every time I shushed her while trying to talk to someone she screamed back even louder. That's fun... Let's chalk it up to just being excited for her turn?  ;o)

I ended up going to La Crosse to pick up a couple of things on Friday and got stuck there for hours upon end due to the black Friday madness, so we didn't really do anything that day. Yesterday was by far my most productive day, as I actually set up a course to play on AND we went for a walk on the trail.

This was most likely our last home practice of the year and that makes me sad. We have so enjoyed playing on the Happy Hurdle Day courses this year! They are such a nice service provided by Ann Croft on her Agility Coach Facebook page. I put the dog walk away today and moved all of the jumps and whatnot to the side of the yard. I'm holding out on putting those away until I have to, although I don't see being able to use them for at least a couple of weeks so I'm sure by then it will be too late.

Today I officially entered Kizzy in her first trial! I decided to stick her in both rounds of Regular as well as Jumpers on Saturday next weekend. I tossed the idea of going on Sunday back and forth, but after going to Milwaukee on Friday I think we will all be ready for a day at home on Sunday. If I change my mind I'm sure I can always do day of show entries, but hopefully I'm smart enough to just stay home.  :o)  I stuck Luke and Kaiser in Chances because they are both closing in on another NATCH. I also entered Kaiser in Jumpers just because it's fun.

I'm so looking forward to our trip over to the Hounds for the Holidays AKC trial on Friday! The trial info "sheet" was five pages long -- it's like a National event! lol There are 29/27 dogs in 24" class, but I don't know how many of those are Masters vs. Excellent until the run order gets posted this week. Either way, it's by far going to be the most competition we've seen yet. There are 31/31 dogs in the 8" class, but I'll guess a majority of those are Masters and not Preferred. Next weekend will be a fun one!

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