Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Super Model!

Is Kaiser a Supermodel or a Super Model? Oh heck, he is both.  :o)

Yesterday we made the trek up to Minneapolis for another photo shoot for Target (that makes this Kaiser's third!). Secret ended up staying home because once I pointed out to Barbara that it was all small dogs on the list for that day she realized that no, they would not be set up for large dogs. Therefore it made no sense to drag Secret along for the ride.

This is probably a good thing because good lord does her coat look like absolute crap after her bath! Note to self, give Secret a bath as far ahead as possible when there is a chance of her needing to be photographed. Oh sure, she is soft and shiny, but she's got cowlicks and curls going every which way! It's not her most flattering look. lol

I didn't figure there was too great a chance of Kizzy being pulled out of the blue to ride the rocket ship to stardom, but I figured I'd bring her along for the experience just in case Target one day decides to kick the Bull Terrier out of the mascot seat and replace it with an Alaskan Klee Kai. You never know, then they might need multiple Klee Kai under contract and might even one day be desperate enough to hire a spaz. A cute spaz, but still a spaz.

The ride up went well, if you don't count my cruise control not working for the first two hours and fifteen minutes (and then I stopped at a McDonald's to use the bathroom and it magically started working again, THANK GOD). I was glad that I remembered to grab the audio book that was in my goody bag from Champs -- The Bloggess made the time pass by so much faster! This was good, especially when I realized that the "buffer" I'd given myself was a complete fabrication of my mind because our time was at 10:30 and not 10:45 as I'd been telling myself all morning. That said, we arrived at 10:20.

Because she'd been riding in a crate for three hours and had done nothing more than our 30-minute walk that morning, Kizzy was at her most spaztastic when we went into the studio. It was a little embarrassing, but the little queen did earn us a private luxury sweet of our very own since she screamed bloody murder at the sight of any dog (remember, this was a photo shoot -- with dogs -- so there were a few...).

No surprise, things were running a bit behind schedule. I was thankful that I'd brought my bag of toys along so that I could get to work on wearing Kizzy out again. I'm always thankful for her ability to play crazy tug in absolutely any environment. In between rabidly shaking the udder tug, Kizzy enjoyed climbing into the lap of anyone who passed our room. Kaiser was terribly thankful to have her along to take the focus (and petting) off him.

Kizzy did her very best to schmooze her way onto set by climbing straight into the lap of the set producer (who had knelt down to say hello to Kaiser). While Kizzy was not needed for this shoot, I have no doubt that she made an impression on everyone and who knows, maybe one day they will realize that two Klee Kai are even better than one! Seriously, those would be the cutest ads ever.

Someone ended up watching Kizzy during Kaiser's shoot and he was happy to have the spotlight to himself. We were pegged to model dog beds at this shoot. Kaiser thought this was about eight hundred million times better than when he modeled Halloween costumes and winter coats. There was no donning of outfits or silly hats and no uncomfortable and awkward poses that required superhuman (err, dog) stay skills. Nope. He quite simply had to sprawl out on a bed that I would covet (in human size), flop his paws out the front (which he did on his own every time) and look stinking adorable.

Like last time, all of his people issues disappeared when he was up on the table. Perfect strangers could move the lights all around him, adjust his tail, place weights in the bed next to him, etc. and he'd just stay there looking cute. Once again everyone gushed over how perfect he was and how easy he made their jobs. And during breaks Kaiser stood around off leash climbing on people mugging for treats and then regretting it when they'd try to pet him. He wished Kizzy was around then, I'm sure.

Kaiser modeled two different beds -- one was a cream color and the other was light grey. If used (duh, like they wouldn't?!), it will end up being the same style of tag that was used in his jacket -- the little heart-shaped Boots & Barkley tag. I'm pretty positive I'd buy one. I think it would be well-used in this house, especially by Kaiser who has again developed a fondness for sleeping in the crate while we are all on the couch at night. Weirdo. At least the bed would be cozier.

I imagine we'll need to start a Kaiser-watch at some point this spring, but I couldn't tell you when. The Halloween costumes are a bit more obvious seeing as they come out just before Halloween. I'm pretty sure they have beds out pretty much all of the time, so I don't know what to expect.

I'm slightly bummed that Secret still hasn't had her opportunity in the spotlight. Despite her funky hair, I think she would rock the bed shoots because she has that adorable "head down" pose of hers (which always seems to be popular in the catalogs). Oh well.

As for Kizzy, I think the next step would be getting her to one of Barbara's open auditions to get her in the system. Maybe, just maybe, we should work a little harder on our "stay" skills before then. Honestly, I was slightly relieved when they said they wouldn't need her. I mean, could you imagine her following Kaiser's tutorial in modeling perfection. That would have been a LITTLE embarrassing...  lol


  1. Bet you never thought you would be a modelling agent for one of your dogs! I find this really cool though. One of my friends has the border collie that is on the packaging for Cosequin joint supplement (http://www.nutramaxlabs.com/dog/dog-joint-bone-health/cosequin-dog-product-selector). That dog is "Ace" and is a splitface like Secret, so it is a look that people like. Maybe she will get a chance too one day.

  2. Aww. Go Kaiser! :) He rocks. I love him.