Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ring rental and bath time

As planned, we packed up and drove over to Family Dog Center yesterday to take advantage of a trial-free weekend (for us and for them!) to do another ring rental. You never know what you'll find in the arena when you get there, but I wasn't too surprised to see it was still the Time 2 Beat course from last weekend. The course map was still sitting on the table, so I was able to snap a pic to include in this post! Better than nothing, I suppose.  :o)

So no teeter or dog walk for Kizzy to practice on this week, but at this point I really feel the experience of working in different places is more important than getting on all of the equipment. We are going to try very hard to get there for open agility on Wednesday night. Travis said that he would most likely set a CPE course because of the CPE trial coming up next weekend, so that should give us an opportunity to see everything (including a chute, which Kizzy hasn't seen away from home yet).

Kizzy had another great practice. After having a brain blip on the weaves at first, we did end up being able to put together this entire course without stopping. I ran her at 12" on her first time out and then brought her back in for a short stint at 8" before going home. On the second trip into the ring Kizzy could not be convinced to do the tunnel under the a-frame for hardly anything -- she has decided that the a-frame is far more fun. I can tell that discrimination work is going to be fun (and very necessary...).

Kaiser was a good little man for his turn. He more or less didn't put a foot wrong with the exception of a couple of high a-frame hits. I'm not sure what height it was set at yesterday -- it seemed higher than 5', so that might have been throwing him off a little. This would have been a fun course to run him on at the trial because I think he could have turned in a smoking fast time! Not like he would have had any competition, though....

Secret ROCKED yesterday. I actually remembered to bring her frisbee this time and that made her super happy. I spent time throwing rollers for her before getting started to warm her up a bit and cringed a bit as she'd go sliding on the turf. I was worried about pad burns or the like, but she seemed to have fared fine. If anything it might be good for her to learn to run a bit faster on that turf, yes?

Secret put in some lovely runs through this course. Her only fault was when she cut a bit tight through the turn of the jump before the a-frame and took out the entire wing. Aside from that she did just great, including a few rear crosses into the weaves! Much like the other courses of Karl's we ran last weekend, we quite enjoyed this little number.

The name of the game this weekend has been "bath time." I got a surprise call from Barbara O'Brien on Friday evening! Apparently Target has requested Kaiser for another photo shoot! We didn't get much advanced notice this time, however, as the photo shoot is tomorrow (Monday)! Oh my. Umm.... Okay. We're super busy at work right now, but I guess I can make it work?

Barbara asked if I could bring Secret along as well in case they felt they had a use for her. I agreed and thus Secret also had to get a bath, but after seeing the list of dogs it is ALL small dogs, so I'm not so sure they will want her for anything. That is probably for the best, though, seeing as Secret went outside immediately following her bath this evening and spent some time digging in the dirt while I was in the shower. Thanks so much, Secret. I love your orange paws, too...

I decided to go ahead and give Kizzy her first bath (with me, at least) tonight as well. I've been waffling on whether or not I'd schlep her along for the ride tomorrow, but I'm tempted to take her in with us and see if they'd be interested in trying to use her. If they like one Klee Kai then two would certainly be better, yes?

Oh, I know she's not trained in the least. But if the set is on a table (as it tends to be with small dogs) then I think she'd have an okay sit-stay.

I'm just not sure about walking into the studio with three dogs tomorrow....

Our shoot time is 10:45 a.m. I'd like to get back in time to go into work for a few hours, but we'll see how that turns out.

Aside from the ring rental yesterday, we have been complete bums this weekend.... I am not transitioning well to the cold weather. I'd better suck it up soon -- it's going to be a long winter.

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