Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Kizzy!

Today Kizzy turned two years old! And she spent most of it in the car... Well okay, it wasn't that bad. But to make up for it I bought her a birthday cupcake at the trial today and we came home to celebrate and share with everyone else.

Kizzy did well at the trial today, but she was still a little too vocal to get to stay inside too much. She had some quiet time in the crate while I ate sitting next to it. Her favorite part of the day was when she got to sit on a chair at the table and look cute enough to make everyone give her part of their lunch. Seriously, though, it was the quietest she was all day.

We also played and tugged and jumped over the practice jump a few times. We tried watching some agility, but it always just ended in screaming so we'd have to get up and leave. The trial ran quickly today and we were out by 2:30, so ultimately she didn't have to spend that much time in the car. She got a duck foot to chew on on the second trip out, too!

Then she was even nice enough to share the rest of her cupcake with everyone else. That was so nice of her, and they all agreed.

I'll do a full trial write-up later because I forgot the course maps at the trial, but here's a sneak peek -- Secret finished her Excellent Standard title today! That means tomorrow is her very first time in Masters and we get to start earning MACH points!!

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