Saturday, November 9, 2013

Windy Day!!

Holy cow was it windy today! We are home this weekend -- skipping the NADAC trial in La Crosse. I thought it would be harder than it was, but honestly I was totally fine staying home today.  :o)

We were incredibly lazy for the majority of the day. The wind outside was just horrible and I decided that we'd just nap until it died down. By the time 3:00 p.m. rolled around I realized that it would never happen and that if I wanted to do anything in the daylight I'd better get my butt in gear.

A new Exercise of the Month was shared on the Clean Run list this past week and I thought it looked like fun -- and bonus, looked fairly easy to set up since it consisted only of 8 jumps. So yes, that right there was why this drill was the winner for today.... Hindsight being what it was, maybe I would have been better off with a course that didn't have many jumps. The wind was blowing them over left and right. I could have made an entire blooper reel from the jumps that fell during Secret's session today.

She was a wild woman today! I always love it when that Secret comes out to play. Not only was she high as a kite, but she also didn't put a foot wrong, so she had a nice, short session. I'm thrilled with how well she did. I've been feeling kind of bad lately since I feel the majority of my time has been spent with Kizzy and Secret has been starting to act a little needy. I think she was happy for the one-on-one time. Sometimes it's hard to spread yourself evenly between four dogs...

Kaiser was pretty much Mr. Perfect today and was happy, happy, happy to play agility. He had some wide turns in spots, but I'm very happy with how his wraps continue to improve in general. He only did one back-jump right when we first started and then he was golden. I think he's taking to this "non-NADAC" stuff very well.  :o)  Next week we are back to play AKC, so I guess we'll see how that goes.

Kizzy was a little rock star today. It's so fun now that she's able to play on the same exercises as the other dogs! In her first turn I had all of the jumps set at 12" and ran her with a toy (the udder tug). After Kaiser's turn I brought her back out to work on the teeter and dog walk (with food) and decided to go ahead and run her through each drill once more -- that's why she has one run on each drill at 8" with food. I was curious to see if I noticed any real difference. I still feel as though she's a little more focused with food and gives me a little better distance because she's not so intent on getting the toy, but I'm happy with her in both cases. I think she's doing great at 12", too!

Earlier this week I brought the chute into the basement because it was wet, dark and miserable outside. No surprise, Kizzy took to it pretty much immediately. I have yet to try her on it outside where she can really run through the full length, but today was not the day to do it with all of the wind. Hopefully tomorrow is better.

Life since daylight saving time ended stinks. It's already mostly dark by the time I get home and the most I can do is a quick pick of the dog poop I can manage to see. Ugh. We went for our first run in the dark this week -- I did 5k with each pair of dogs (boys/girls). We survived and I'm sure I'll get used to running in the dark, but I still hate this time of the year. Blah. At least our trial season goes year round. I often have non-dog friends ask if we take a break. Can you imagine how depressing winter would be if I didn't have agility?!

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