Wednesday, April 2, 2014


After watching my last video, I got to thinking that maybe Secret's lack of energy wasn't so much related to her need for a chiropractic adjustment -- but instead maybe it had something to do with the lack of energy that *I* was giving off. Especially with a dog like Secret, I can't really expect her to be jumping out of her skin if I'm giving off "blah" vibes.

So tonight I set another Happy Hurdle Day course (hot off the press today!) and went into our training session knowing I had to bring some energy of my own to the party. It made a HUGE difference with Secret. I'm thrilled with the run I picked for the video, but you should have seen her weaves the first time we went through. Holy cow, she was moving! She even pushed the poles around, so Go Secret!

Kaiser was Kaiser. He always seems to have energy whether I do or not.  :o)

Kizzy and I are struggling slightly at the moment. I started working on "calm" with her -- especially at trials -- and she seems to be losing interest after a bit. Calmness doesn't float her boat, at which point I tend to go get food so that I can still keep her focus. It occurred to me tonight after her turn was over that perhaps it wouldn't hurt to bring out her food-stuffable jackpot toy a few times to reinstate the "happy happy." In her defense, there are a LOT of smells in the yard right now -- one was so good that she stopped during her turn to roll in it....

Luke even did awesome tonight! The old man still has it.

Tonight is the calm before the storm. Now they're saying 4"-6" of snow Thursday night into Friday. Isn't that exciting.


  1. Nice job with all the dogs! Have you ever tried a blind after the weaves? I might have tried that on the first set. Everyone looked to be having a good time out there.

    1. I know there was a blind out of the weaves left on the cutting room floor from Luke's turn. ;) I know it crossed my mind with Secret and she is fine with it in general, but in my attempt to cover several handling options with each dog, I guess that one got left out today (along with any rear crosses at the weaves because I'm a lazy trainer).

      Kaiser is pretty much the only one (well, and Kizzy) that I won't throw a blind at while he's in the weaves. Despite being my strongest weaver, he's just not that trustworthy on blinds anywhere. lol Getting there, though!

      You are right, though -- I thought the front at the end of the weaves felt clunky. The blinds would have overall been much smoother. Aren't they always? :)

    2. I've been enjoying doing blinds lately. It keeps me running forward and not doing all that spinning, but they will still bite me in the butt sometimes!

  2. How do you have no snow in your yard!? Mine never melted. Anywhere :(

    Secret does look pretty spunky!

    1. You guys up by Minneapolis really got screwed this year. During the last huge storm that dumped a foot on you we had mostly rain -- which got rid of a large amount of our snow pack. My yard has been mostly snow free for a couple of weeks now, but Sunday was the first day I dared to try to do anything on it.

      It also helps that I live on a giant sand pit. Can't beat the drainage! Even local people have expressed jealousy of my yard, so I must just be lucky this year.

      Or maybe I spent every night out there with a hair dryer to speed up the process. lol Not really, but it would be tempting.