Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Enough with the rain!

It's like living in Seattle or London without any of the perks of actually living in a nice city such as those.

Blargh. It's been raining pretty much nonstop since Sunday. I had reached the point where yesterday I said I'd take the dogs out for a walk when I got home regardless of what it was doing, but I weenied out because it was coming down rather good when I got home. It did let up about an hour and a half later, but by then we'd pretty much settled in for the night -- so basically the dogs have done nothing since Saturday (we did five miles on the bike trail - picture below!). Yay for total inactivity.... Fingers crossed for tonight. It was still raining this morning, but maybe we'll luck out and get a break this afternoon??

We had a vet appointment on Monday. Aside from really hating the Rottweiler that was in the waiting room (and I'll guess that the Rottweiler wasn't a fan of other dogs, either, based on the fact that the owner was trying to hide him in the back corner) Secret did very well. She was friendly and social -- and Dr. Randy even commented that her tail wasn't tucked to her belly button when he came in. She wagged it, even! I think she's decided that she likes Dr. Randy, though, so once that happens we're pretty much golden. Secret got her Lyme & lepto boosters (fat lot of good the Lyme vaccine does us....). Kaiser was due for his yearly wellness and Lyme booster.

We have lots of vet appointments coming up over the next few months! It's nice to spread out the cost and I don't like to overload anyone with all of their vaccinations at once -- but it sure is a lot of appointments.  :o)  Luke is next up in a couple of weeks for a couple of shots, then we'll be back in June for his wellness, more shots plus one more for Kaiser, then Kizzy's turn is in July. Then we're clear until Secret in December and it all starts up again. I don't want to think about how painful it would be to do everyone at once!

Secret has the first of her two "pre-trial" chiropractor appointments tomorrow morning. I'm not even sure when we last saw Dr. Marta, but it's been too long. I'll see if she notices/says anything about Secret's body condition. I believe she was around 46.1 lbs on the scale this week. Randy said that's only a half pound lower than when he last saw her, but he thought she was bonier than he remembered -- specifically he commented that he felt there was less muscle over her top line. We really haven't been doing a lot of jumping lately, I explained, and frisbee has pretty much stopped since the snow started to melt (the yard is fine now, but it's always so damn windy lately!) --- so that might be an explanation for less muscle? Or I suppose I could feed her a little more, she surely wouldn't mind.  ;o) An extra pound wouldn't hurt -- I do think she probably looks a little better at 47 lbs.

On the flip side there's Kizzy... I'll be curious to see where she's at with her weight. I have never had trouble getting my other dogs to what I feel is their optimal body condition, but with Kizzy it's a constant struggle. I feel like I feed her nothing and she just always looks like a chunk to me.

I finally got a start date at Petco -- I go in a week from today to get started on the paperwork and then we set my training schedule from there. That means this is potentially my last free weekend for a while. I'm very tempted to drive to MN to watch the International Team Tryouts. I've never been there in person. But then I heard that 4 Legged Flix is supposed to be streaming it online. They did an awesome job with AKC Nationals, so now I figure maybe I can stay home and watch it online AND maybe even get to work my own dogs a bit. We'll see.


  1. Can't wait to hear how the petco job goes!

  2. Seems like someone is always due for something when you have a lot of pets!