Saturday, May 31, 2014

I guess it's summer now

It was such a long, miserable and cold winter that I am really trying not to complain about the weather. But would it have been too much to ask to have at least a little bit of a spring this year? You know, days that are nice and clear with highs in the 60's and low 70's? Because aside from a couple of weeks of highs in the 50s with lots of rain, we pretty much jumped from "freezing" to "hellishly hot" just like that.

We actually set this course up last night. The circumstances were not ideal -- it was 86 degrees, somewhat humid, and Luke & Kaiser had just had a vet visit. I probably SHOULD have taken the girls for a run, but I've been a bum about that lately, and I thought that agility sounded like more fun.

And.... I about died. OMG, by the time I wrapped up the second dog I was pretty much gasping for breath. Secret ran first and pretty much did the best of anyone. I did video the runs from last night but I didn't do anything with them. The little dogs were very "meh" about the whole thing (didn't help that they broke into an open food bag in the garage....).

I'm home this morning and a bit before 10:00 a.m. I figured I'd go out and give it another shot, thinking it would be cooler and go much better. Well, it did go much better, but cooler it was not. I checked the weather when I was done and the real-feel was already 84 degrees. Sheesh. I will say, though, that for as miserably hot as it was in the sun, we all sat in the one corner of shade in the back of the yard when we were done and it was quite nice.

And now it's getting close to 88 degrees out there and Kizzy is sunning herself on the deck.... The rest of us are hunkering down in the air conditioning the rest of the afternoon until I have to leave for Petco. I did think about taking them down to the river before I have to jump in the shower this afternoon, but we just put Advantix on the other day and I figure we'll let that soak in a bit more.

I got confirmations for the 4th of July trial this morning, so either a draw was not needed or we made it in on our chosen days. I should probably book the hotel today since it's a holiday weekend, I suppose. Looking forward to a fun weekend at that trial!

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