Tuesday, May 20, 2014


It was 82 degrees when I got out of work today. I don't have any scheduled shifts at Petco until Saturday, but do have the option to go in and sit through a few more hours of training videos -- But who could do that on such a lovely evening? So I came home and took the dogs to the river for a swim.

I was waffling because the water in the local waterways is still so very high and fast from recent flooding. I had no idea what to expect from the little river that goes through our local park. I decided to take the chance and walked the dogs down. On the off chance that we wouldn't be able to swim, at least we'd get a walk out of the deal. FYI, they are all a bunch of raging lunatics when they know there is swimming to be had.

The water was, indeed, very high and quite fast. I did not throw their toys out nearly as far as usual -- especially when I looked up once to see Secret's new bumper floating in a little whirlpool created by the rapids, but no Secret. Secret had gotten pulled downstream and was trying desperately to swim back upstream towards her toy. I finally convinced her to swim sideways towards me and then sent her back out to get the bumper (questionable, perhaps, but hey, it's new!  ;o) ). After that I was much more careful about where I tossed the toys and kept everything pretty close to shore and away from the swirling waters of the little rapids.

I kept the little dogs on 6' leashes to avoid the bedlam that could surely ensue with two dogs roaming on 20'+ flexi leashes. Four dogs, two on leash, is just more or less a pain to deal with at the river.... We may have to rethink this plan in the future. Kaiser enjoyed splashing in the shallow water as usual. The big surprise was when Kizzy went charging in to the water! I don't remember that from her last year. Thankfully I'd brought an extra tennis ball along and she enjoyed fetching that from the shallow water several times. I think the two of them would have more fun down there on their own on flexis next time. Maybe I'll just have to make two trips!

My knees are still farked up from the weekend and I think I sprained the big toe on my left foot. Awesome. Hopefully everything works itself out for the trial on Monday.

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