Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Do you remember our kind of pointless trip over to the Wisconsin State Fair a few years ago (it's been three years already???)? I was all excited to go to our first dock diving competition since, you know, Secret is such a crackhead about jumping into the river and all. Well, that was a big bust. She never jumped into the pool.

This year, though, they are having a weave pole challenge! It's an 18-pole up and back deal. I assume because there isn't enough room for the traditional 30-pole up and back ("traditional" in the sense that this is the format the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge adopted a couple of years ago instead of the old 60-pole challenge). The main thing holding me back is the 7:30 start time. I was able to make a day of it with the dock diving thing, whereas it hardly seems worth it to drive over for something this short. Granted, I could do it without missing much work...

And look! Money!  $$$  There is money to be won! Hmm. It's getting tough to say no.

I won't lie, I'd be hanging my hat on Kaiser for this thing. He's a little fart, but he's a stinking fast and solid little weaver. Plus he'd win the crowd over, and who doesn't love that?  :o)  The rules say there is no food in the competition area, but they do allow toys... Which means that Secret could even put in a fairly respectable showing under the right circumstances. There are two rounds and they combine the total time to come up with the winners.

So of course tonight I set up my own little weave challenge. I still have my old stick-in-the-ground poles that I stuck on the end of the regular set of weaves. This threw Kaiser off at first and he was having a difficult time ending on the stick-in poles due to their irregular nature, I'm sure. I finally got them spaced a little better, though, and he rocked it. Secret, surprisingly, didn't have a problem with the 18 poles at all! She totally nailed it on the first try. Kizzy and Luke both made it through all 18, too, but I would leave them at home for this.

Hmm..... The only downside is that we have an AKC trial Friday, Saturday & Sunday before these dates. This wouldn't affect Kaiser, but Secret would probably be about at her weaving limit after that. Meh. It's only a $10 entry! I should just go. Maybe my dad will go with or something! That could be fun!

I actually trained the dogs this weekend and failed to share the update. We played on another fun Happy Hurdle Day course by Ann Croft Agility Coach. It was hot. Bleh. It was actually bad enough that Luke came out and was like, "this sucks," so I didn't even make him do it. lol  Everyone else had two very short sessions because we all melted in about four minutes and needed a break. I figured we needed to do something challenging since I just got word that we made it into the trial mid-July where we get to run ISC classes! Yay for fun stuff!

This weekend I work both days and then we get to go play AKC in New Berlin the weekend after that!


  1. I think you should go! Win some $ :)

    1. I printed out the entry forms today.... :o)