Friday, June 27, 2014

Weave Practice :o)

Well, I ended up putting entries in the mail today for Secret & Kaiser to do the 18-pole Weave Challenge at the Wisconsin State Fair in August. I don't know if there are still openings or not, but I guess I'll find out. I'll also find out if they are serious about the whole Bordetella vaccination, because the vet records I sent in didn't mention that due to the whole issue of "I stopped giving it." I figure if they ask about it when they email to confirm (or not confirm...) I can just say they will have it before we go. Kind of adds to the cost of the trip over, but oh well. We'll have to see what they say about it I guess.

But for now we just wait. Wait to see if we got in. Maybe they would let me try to get Secret in the dock diving pool again afterwards?  ;o)

It was no big surprise that Kaiser had the fastest time, but I thought Secret did super awesome! Here's how it all factored out:

Total -- 28.43
Round 1 -- 13.72 seconds
Round 2 -- 14.71 seconds

Total -- 29.12
Round 1 -- 14.37 seconds
Round 2 -- 14.75 seconds

Kizzy (for fun):
Total -- 41.45 seconds
Round 1 -- 20.52 seconds
Round 2 -- 20.93 seconds

Times are approximate based on my ability to operate the pause button in movie maker.   :o)

Luke did come out and put in a valiant effort, but he never managed to put two sets of 18 together and he started to peeter out pretty quickly. I didn't push him on it and let him just chew on his ball the rest of the night.

I set up the web cam to spy on the dogs while I was at work today. I realized that I've never done that since Kizzy joined the pack, so I have no idea what they do all day while I'm gone. Turns out they don't do anything different than when there was only three of them. In fact, I rarely saw Kizzy on the camera all day long. I have no idea where she hangs out all day....

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