Saturday, August 9, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday, Secret!

Today we celebrate Secret's fifth birthday! Happy Birthday, Secret!

I have to work this afternoon/evening, so we had to fit in our festivities this morning. I'm pretty sure nobody minds having yummy ice cream treats before noon.

Secret got her own super special doggy ice cream cookie in the shape of a "5" to celebrate her special day. I whipped this baby up last night -- It's just yogurt, pumpkin, meat-based baby food, flaked salmon and peanut butter. Yummm, right? Well, the dogs thought so and that's all that matters.

Secret is always such a good sport for these things.  :o)  I put her through all sorts of poses before she got to eat her birthday treat. I'm sure she's so thankful that I found this little girl's birthday package at Walmart last night, complete with a pin, a necklace, the awesome glasses and a little party hat on a headband. I think Secret liked the party hat headband; the glasses, not so much. Ha!

After Secret was done posing, I grabbed cookies for everyone and we had a little group party with everyone. (No, they did not get to eat all of these at once, we saved most for later)

Maybe one day we should invite guests for one of our parties, but let's face it, the guest list is already pretty decent-sized just with those who live here. :o)

I wish we could do something fun like go swimming on Secret's special day, but I have to leave shortly. Hopefully we can at least get in a quick game of frisbee!

In other news, I finally dragged the dog walk and teeter out of the garage last night. I figured since Kizzy is entered in Standard in just two weeks, maybe a refresher is in order. Now, when will we be able to actually spend time training? That's anyone's guess, but at least it's out there!

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