Saturday, August 30, 2014

Family Photo Day!

Kizzy has been here for over a year and I have never bothered/managed to get a good vertical-horizon photo with all four dogs to replace the one of just the three dogs that has populated my phone's home/lock screen for ages and ages. This is a bother because whenever someone asks about the dogs I have to go into the phone's gallery and scroll to find a group picture or several individual pictures to show them. When I was in a hurry I'd show the picture of the three and say, "I have one more of those" while pointing at Kaiser. Poor Kizzy, always getting the shaft.

No more! Today I got home from taking Secret & Kaiser to the chiropractor, grabbed a bag of treats and took everyone out to the table. Not only does this resemble the old picture that I loved so much, but the table makes and easy target on which to get everyone to stay put next to each other.

The top picture is my lock screen and the one above is the one I've got on my background now. I like this one because Luke has his happy ears on.  :o)  Kizzy is turning into such a good little poser!

Yesterday I stopped and filled out a volunteer application at the local nursing home. I was out there Thursday night to help out with Lions' Bingo and I took Luke along. When I'd gone for my shift last year I'd asked about bringing him and they made it sound like it was no problem, so I brought him along this time. The residents loved it and he did really well. He only got to stay inside for the first half because one of the staff members has an extreme phobia of dogs and just couldn't take it any longer, but everyone enjoyed having him there.

Seeing how happy it made the residents made me really want to do more of this. I emailed the volunteer coordinator on Friday and the process is pretty easy. I have to do the application and a background check, then the activities director would like to meet the dog(s) and then you pretty much go. No therapy dog certifications needed, which is nice. I figure I'll give it a go with Luke and Kizzy, since they are my people-lovers. Secret is just too unpredictable and bi-polar, and Kaiser would think it is just awful, so they can stay at home.

I'm home for three whole days this weekend!! No work, no trials, no nothing -- well, except school. I do have to get school stuff done and work through more of my dog training book for Petco. Once I finish up the next section I figure I'll go into Petco and do more computer training at some point this weekend. I'm looking forward to getting to hang with the dogs for three days. Today I was pretty boring. After the chiro appointment (I was so happy we could go on a Saturday -- next week would have been hard to do) I pretty much spent the afternoon catching up on sleep. I have some chicken to get rid of, so tonight everyone got some basic fun-building work on the teeter, dog walk and table. I'll have to try to come up with something more exciting the next couple of days.

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  1. Oh yeah, Kaiser would totally hate the nursing home. That would be pure painful punishment for him!