Saturday, September 6, 2014

AKC Days 1 & 2 - Pretty Awesome!

I never got around to recapping yesterday, so today will have to cover both days! Both days were awesome. There, done.  :o)

Yesterday I was so, so tired. I worked at Petco Thursday night and then went to work for almost 5 hours on Friday before the trial. I left a little before noon, ran home, threw stuff in the van, grabbed the dogs and left around 1:00 for the trial that started at 2:00. Thankfully the dogs don't tend to need any real time to settle at Family Dog Center since the location is so familiar to them; plus Kaiser was up first, and he's fine. That said, Secret walked into the building like she owned the place. She has been in such a good mood lately.

Kaiser struggled yesterday. I was sad to see the anxious stutter-jumping return, especially since he had such a good couple of days in Oshkosh a couple of weeks ago. Family Dog Center is familiar surface and lighting for him, so I don't know what that was all about. I didn't get around to shaving feet until last night after watching Secret slip a few times, so perhaps that was part of it? Bad me for not shaving before the first day, I guess. I didn't publish Kaiser's video because it was nothing to write home about. He only incurred one refusal in each run (one was my fault, one was the stressed jumping) but it was just sad Klee Kai video and I don't like to look at that.

Secret, on the other hand, was one freaky happy girl! She picked up 41 (FORTY-ONE!!!) points yesterday. Granted, I do think this judge (Rod Ramsell) tends to wheel a little on the larger side, but she was moving very nicely. This was QQ#12 for Secret. Hooray!

Kizzy's run was not first today, but I'm still going to jump straight to her because I am so proud of her! Coming into this weekend Kizzy had two Novice JWW Q's under her belt. That meant that if she ran clean today, there was a chance of me having to make the decision to move her up to Open. Eeek! That is kind of terrifying!

Well, she was awesome.

The blind cross in front of the tunnel in JWW was kind of awesome, but also kind of necessary since she still won't rear cross into a tunnel. I didn't want to waste a refusal there if I could help it.  :o)  She went a little wide to cause the next refusal, but we were able to save it and finish clean after that. Yay! Her very first title! Kizzy NAJ!

Rod brought some really nice courses and I knew that the Novice Standard run was doable. If anything, my biggest worry was starting with the tire since sometimes Kizzy still goes through the empty space in the frame... I set her up pretty darn close to the tire at the start and she got it! I love, love, love her teeter and how she's going all the way to the end and riding it down. So confident! She almost got her weaves on the first try and she kind-of-sort-of stopped on the dog walk.  ;o)  There was a table bounce, but that's okay, because she got everything else! Wheee! She is 2/2 for Standard Q's now. Actually, I got to thinking and really, she's batting 100% on her return to the agility ring. Guess it was a good decision to pull her for those several months to work on stuff.

Kaiser redeemed himself today, picking up QQ#4! As I mentioned earlier, he was jumping much better today, which made me very happy. He got aspirin this morning just in case it's anything physical and I spent more time massaging and warming him up before his runs. I also made him wear his Back on Track coat, which more or less makes him shoot me with daggers with his eyes. I attempted to have him wear it to bed last night and I ended up feeling so bad for him that I took it off. I don't know why he hates it so much.

Secret actually beat Kaiser by four seconds in JWW this morning, but he picked it up by Std and ended up beating her by about that same amount. He was back to being much happier again. I hope it continues for tomorrow. At the chiropractor last Saturday the vet did mention that she thought he was a little tight in his left shoulder region, so maybe there is a little something going on. Who knows.

Secret continues to be my steady little (not so little?) rock star. She is as honest as the day is long. So long as I don't screw things up, we're pretty much golden. I'm just so tickled at the level of fun she's having these days. Yesterday the judge came up after our run and told me how much he enjoyed watching her, because she was running with a huge smile on her face the whole time. That makes me so happy. That's all I've ever wanted.

In JWW this morning Secret picked up an astounding 15 points and had a yps of something like 5.65. That is awesome! Somehow she only got 16 points in the Std run today. A friend with another 24" dog also had several points lower than usual, so I don't know how this was wheeled. I'm not going to complain, though, because his yardage has been very "friendly" this weekend and it all works out in the end. Even still, that's another 31 points for today. We're still nicely on track for Secret's MACH, although I certainly won't be upset if she picks up a few more single Q's -- but please be in Standard, Secret.  :o)

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