Sunday, September 7, 2014

AKC Day 3 - Secret's Perfect Weekend!

This is going to be a quick post because I have a lot of homework to get done tonight.  :o)  But I had to be sure to post Secret's super awesome news of her PERFECT WEEKEND of AKC! She picked up QQ #'s 12, 13 & 14 and a grand total of 113 speed points. Wow. She was just on!

I never really know what to expect from Secret on day three of agility. She can be on or she can be just going through the motions. She started out this morning in the ON position. Her Standard run was just beautiful. As it turned out, it was under 40 seconds and was the 4th fastest time in the entire class -- and the three that were higher than her were within 1-2 seconds. That's super awesome!

It took FOREVER to get to Master JWW today for some reason. We had the exact same number of runs as we did yesterday, but it took about an hour and a half longer. I don't think that's what brought Secret down from her super-high. The course, dubbed by the judge as the "crop circle course," did nothing for her. Secret is not a fan of circles because, well, I'm kind of just standing there and what fun is that? At the end of the course where I did get to open up and run she kicked it in gear, but most of the course she kind of loped along and was three-striding between jumps. It was still good enough for 10 points, for a total of 38 for the day.

Secret is standing at 488 points with her 14 QQ's. If she kept up her perfect streak she would need to average 44 points per day. Um.... Not going to happen. I'm starting to wonder if I need to throw runs after the first Q of the day or what. I'm hoping for a couple extra Standard Qs, as we undoubtedly get more points for those (except for yesterday, I still think that was like 10 seconds off somehow). I know it's a "good problem to have," but I just don't want to finish a MACH on points. It's like when Luke finished his V-NATCH. Both times it was on Weavers and I always had to wait for results to be posted to make sure we were under time. What fun is that? Oh well, we'll see what happens. Odds are that I'll flub up something not on purpose here eventually anyhow.

Kaiser did not get any Q's today, but he was running very nicely -- by far the most confident and fun runs he's had this weekend, so I was glad to see that. In Standard I thought I was being "smart" by taking the dog walk on the right side to prevent him from taking the wrong side of the tunnel following it. I did not envision him popping off to the side to take the panel jump first. Oh well. In Jumpers he was going along really well until he landed on the triple. Thankfully it did not seem to phase him too much and he still finished well.

Kaiser is sitting at 314 points with his 4 QQ's. I am not concerned about him having points when he goes for his PACH.  ;o)  I don't think he'll manage to qualify for Nationals this year -- Secret should with her next Q (or two, if one comes from JWW). It's not like I planned on going out to Reno, but it's still fun to say you qualified. I'll have to keep track for next year because it will be in Oklahoma, which is a much easier drive. This past year tracking was easy because nobody hit Masters until after the qualifying period began!

Kizzy also did not have any Q's today, but I am still thrilled with her overall performance! Her brain was turning into a bit of mush -- so much so that I went and put her in the van after her Std run just to be able to rest a bit, which I think she appreciated.

The judge was very kind and did not call her dog walk or a-frame in Std. Due to this, she actually had a qualifying run going until she flew off the teeter at the end. The most awesome parts of this run were when she totally nailed her weaves on the first try and stopped on the table! She also did the tire -- both days! -- so that's another win!

Kizzy's Open debut in JWW went very well, I think. She hit her entry to the weaves but her overtaxed brain couldn't hold it together for all 12 poles in a trial today. We gave the weaves one more go. When she skipped some poles on the second try we just kept going since at that point the run was an NQ anyhow. Then, because I wasn't in the right place, she did a rear cross! Yay!!! The rest of the JWW was clean, which is pretty darn good for her first time in Open! I'll take it!!

We went to the beach for a swim following the trial. Then the dogs lazed in the shade while I mowed the lawn when we got home. Now they shall be bums as I do my homework, and compete with the computer for my lap (in Kizzy's case, at least). Must be nice to be them. We have some super fun beef trachea to keep them occupied during my classes tomorrow. Lucky dogs. They deserve it. They are awesome.


  1. Holy cow you guys are on fire! She'll have that MACH before you know it!

    1. Thanks! She's such a good girl. I always knew that the format of akc would be just her cup of tea. Consistency has always been her strong point, after all. It's speed that kills us, although I've been just thrilled with her in that area lately as well. I'm trying hard not to put too much pressure on us, but I'm hopeful to finish up her MACH in the beginning of next year. Then maybe we'll go play USDAA again to try to get that PDCH. We'll see. Darn super Qs.