Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Today is the first day of fall. This typically tends to bring with it that panicked feeling of, "OMG, winter is coming! We must train ALL THE THINGS!" The days are noticeably shorter now, and by 7:30 it's already getting too dark to pick poo from the yard. It's 8:00 write now and it is blacker than black outside. Wasn't it only a month ago that it was light out past 9:00? Seems like it.

I've had a super wonderful Petco schedule lately that is letting me spend more weeknights at home with the dogs. Tonight on my drive home from work I tossed around the idea of going on another hike, but then changed my mind and decided that no, we should do some agility. Because, you know, pretty soon we won't be able to do that for like six months again.

I finally moved my dog walk when I mowed on Sunday, so I sat down and started looking on agilitycoursemaps.com for something to play with tonight (because me and course design, we aren't so hot). Basically the mission was to find something with the dog walk over on the right and an a-frame without a tunnel under it, since, well, I still don't have a functioning one of those (goal for next year?).

Lucky me, rather quickly I found this:

Only boo, it appears to be set up incorrectly for my current dog walk placement. Easy enough, we use the editor to do this:

And there you have it! The tire got moved to where the chute is and we started on number two. I put the broad jump in place of the triple because, well, I did. The a-frame magically materialized into a tunnel. I realized afterwards that I could have safely placed the chute as the first obstacle off to the left of two, but oh well, nineteen obstacles was plenty.

Secret continues to be in her freakishly happy mood. I don't know what she's been on for the last several months, but I hope it sticks.  :o)  I let her stay out again after her turn was done. She stayed out of the way during Kizzy's turn, but towards the end of Kaiser's turn she started following us around and offering stuff -- like even going into the weaves after him. I'd given her the jolly ball to chew on today, so I practiced a couple of Ketschkers into the weaves and boy were those some nice weaves. Happy Secret is fun!

The little dogs did great, too. Kizzy made it through the course with just a dropped bar at the jump after the dog walk (I was jumping her at 14" again). She gave me some very nice dog walks today. I realized after we were done that I should probably start proofing her a bit more on those to make sure she actually has an understanding of that whole stopping thing. I'm pretty sure right now she's stopping because I'm stopping, and we know how well that works in trials. I worked a couple of rear crosses with her in spots on this course and lord knows this is something we need to continue to work on. The difficulty tends to stem from her not really driving ahead well at home. We've actually gotten some decent rear cross attempts at trials because she runs like a crazed bat out of hell in that environment. I need to get her moving ahead like that at home.

Kaiser did great if you don't count that one crazed dog walk where he didn't even think of stopping and missing his weave entry the first time through. But he totally slid to hold on to his table, so hooray for that effort!

Luke got to chase his Jolly Ball around the yard while I put everything away. He seems okay with the idea of not doing too much agility these days so long as he gets to chase stuff. There is still much barking while the others are working, though, lest I forget that he's in the house waiting for his turn to play.

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