Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kaiser made the Target website this year!

Look what I found today! I make it a point to regularly scan through the pet costume pages on the Target website this time of the year just in case I might get lucky and spot Kaiser. Despite being the model on the blinky bee costume last year, he wasn't on the website, so I have never been sure of how those pictures get chosen (vs the ones on the packaging).

Kaiser only modeled one costume this year because we went on the very last day and were pretty much just batting clean-up, providing them with any shots they felt they didn't have enough of already. He just missed out on getting to wear a hotdog costume, too, because of the two little dachshunds that were being shot at the same time. Darn wiener dogs anyhow.  ;o)

I had previously come across the dinosaur costume he modeled, but it was only posted in medium and large sizes. Kaiser modeled the small. Well, when I looked today the small was posted -- and there he is! With a cat. lol  Poor cat. What a good cat, though! How many cats do you know would sit and stay through a photo shoot?

So now we will start Kaiser-Watch. If I recall correctly, the pet costumes didn't come out until a good week or more into October. I'll have to start dropping in on Target to see what I can find. It would appear that nothing was used from his bed shoot last fall, so it would be neat if he made the costumes again.

I hope Kizzy gets the opportunity one day as well -- I still think they would love her expressive little face. But for now, Kaiser will remain the only star of the family.  :o)